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I've been at Lark almost every month for the past two years, and on Sunday, I had the best dessert there ever. It was a brown sugar persimmon cake, with vanilla custard. The cake was slightly caramel-ly, a little nutty, and very, very luscious - and I don't like nuts in cake, or fruity cakes, even. I'm going back again this weekend in hopes to see it again.

If you haven't been to Lark in a while, go. It's worth the visit to eat this cake.

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We went for the Whole Beast dinner.

You can read about here:

blathermunch 10

I do not like kidneys and pork tongue was low on my hits list.

Lamb tongue, on the other hand, was quite tasty. The event was definitely in the special event category, pricewise, as well as a four hour dinner on a Monday night!

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absolutely! the food is wonderful and spring is a great time to go as they use so many in season items. They don't take ressies but you can put your name in and if they are busy head next door for a cocktail with 0ne bite amuse pairings. Lark is still my favorite. (casual dress)

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