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Design is by David d'Almada (anyone heard of him?)

Looks like we have been terribly remiss not to have heard of this chap, who after all has designed Zaika and Al Duca restaurants for Claudio Pulze's Cuisine Collection. Just thought you might like to know.

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Ok, this is getting really embarrassing. David has supplied a list of restaurants he has designed :

Frith Street Restaurant - Soho

Il Forno - Soho

Zaika - Fulham Road and Kensington

Shi Hon Mei - Fulham Road

Edera - Holland Park

Aubergine - Park Walk

L'Oranger - St James'

Spiga - Chelsea

Teca -

Alloro - Dover Street

Zafferano - Lowndes Street

also for


P&O Ferries

He has stated that he doesn't really publicise his work, so I don't feel a copmplete fool for not knowing the name.

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ate here this evening and the prices seem to have gone way up.

the evening was a bit of a wash out as i was waiting for a dinner companion who got stuck in traffic and was an hour and a half late and we then had to run off for a gig. i ate pigs head with prawn followed by lasagne with cep cappuchino. my very late friend had something off the vegetarian menu (i didn't like to probe)

it's very convenient for the empire and i'll probably go back but given that one of us had one vegetarian course, i had two and a glass of prosecco and some water, the bill came to £56 i was kind of shocked.

Suzi Edwards aka "Tarka"

"the only thing larger than her bum is her ego"

Blogito ergo sum

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