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  1. But the use of the term egregious affectation is. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  2. Won't the finger kow-tow (light tap of the (middle) finger on tabletop) be sufficient and appropriate as a gesture of gratitude? Or is that not done at the "Drum"? ← What's the finger tap thing? This is new to me and I'd like to know more.
  3. I wouldn't recommend Nobu Berkeley unless you have a supermodel or two in your group. It's noisy, very scene and the food went downhill after a not bad sushi/sashimi intro. What about Sushi Ikeda on Brook Street? Much more traditional, very high quality fish, good tempura.
  4. Am compiling my list of must eat places in Sydney and this place keeps coming up in reviews. Has anyone been? Any experiences to share?
  5. This is superb stuff and I shall be printing out this thread for reference. At the moment I just keep checking out the appartment that my company has organised in Kirribilli for when we get there on google earth and pinching myself! Next question. Are there any choclatiers that you'd recommend in Sydney?
  6. Bum. I've just booked there for lunch next week. Can you give more details about what was wrong?
  7. I'm moving to Sydney in March and we're still unsure of where to live. We're going to be spending four weeks in corporate accomodation before we decide where to rent (in the short term) I was wondering if people could help me narrow down my search... Proximity to the CBD is really important to us and we've already ruled out Manley (an early favourite) because of the commute. Balmain is currently a front runner because of the frequent ferry service. Glebe, Cremoyne and Kirribilli I think are going to be worth a look too. What my guidebooks don't tell me is what the food purchasing options are like in these areas. I currently live in Islington, chosen mainly because there are two very good butchers, one great fishmonger (and one less good one), a branch of the best cheese shop in London and a weekly farmers market. I'm not a big fan of supermarkets and prefer to buy local produce frequently, rather than do a weekly supermarket run. Are there any areas that you would especially recommend as being good locations to procure good produce? Any shops, markets or stores you'd recommend? Is there one especially food-oriented suburb that sticks out for you? Would really love any advice and look forward to sharing my experiences of moving to Sydney with you.
  8. I just spoke to Anthony Demetre regarding the booking policy at Arbutus without even mentioning Suzi. It is, as I thought it would be, a quality control issue. He said "If a large table comes in its sods law that they order 8 or 9 different dishes and we can't plate them up quickly enough to get them all out at the same time and hot. We'd love to have larger tables but its not feasible, there are only 5 of us cooking in the kitchen and we can't have 3 or 4 people at a time plating food" When I then told him about Suzi Anthony said that it should only apply to tables of 8 or more, he wasn't sure why they tried to limit the menu for 7 of you. If you ring back you should be offered the full menu. Matthew Grant (The Max Clifford of Arbutus) ← Matt ought to have a go at Jade Goody next. Everything is sorted and Arbutus have dealt with this nicely.
  9. Here's another to add to the hate list... Arbutus. I want to book a table for seven people for my final dinner with my best friends before I leave for Oz. Money is tight for a couple of them so we want something reasonable, central and with good food. I reject Anchor and Hope on account of the complete lack of a booking policy and decide on Arbutus inspite of the mixed reviews. First off, if we book at table at 8.00pm they have to have it back by 10.00pm. But if we move the table to 8.30pm we can have it all night. OK, I can just about put up with that. Then we have the whole credit card to confirm the booking thing. I understand why they do that. I am then told that we can only have a reduced menu as our group is too large. We will have four starters, four mains and two deserts to choose from. I'm sorry, but I am giving you six weeks notice of my plan to eat with you and you can only offer me four mains? I could rustle that up myself matey. Bugger off.
  10. I think you were closest Ravelda. Now tell me, who'll win the Grand National this year and any ideas for next week's lottery numbers?
  11. Given that this is the UK and Ireland thread, it's perhaps not *that* surprising that people are talking about meals in London.... I'm sure there'll be a thread somewhere on the site for people who want to catalogue their travels/restaurants outside of the UK. ← I shan't be responding to this directly since your comments are aimed at a straw man of your own creation. If you're looking for a scrap I'm sure you could provoke one far more easily somewhere else. ← Touchy. Some people just don't like to be told...
  12. Given that this is the UK and Ireland thread, it's perhaps not *that* surprising that people are talking about meals in London.... I'm sure there'll be a thread somewhere on the site for people who want to catalogue their travels/restaurants outside of the UK.
  13. The pho broth is great at Viet Garden on Liverpool Road.
  14. I find that it can be quite useful in salad dressings. Try mixing with oil. It's also very good to get rid of hiccups.
  15. Not at all, actually. Paul's freezer has arrived and the ice-cream is here. You get a scoop of ice cream and then molten chocolate poured over the top. Didn't try any as it is teeming with rain and I couldn't eat ice cream and struggle with my brolly at the same time. However, I did try the lime truffle. Just perfect for popping into your mouth while traversing the water logged streets of Islington. Forget Paul's salted caramel. The lime has it. Possibly the best chocolate I have ever eaten.
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