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Have just been reading over my answers for the week and find that somehow the main part of my reply to you didn't get posted. Sorry about that!

It's the same old sad tale, I'm afraid. I didn't find many CT seafood shacks at all, although I certainly remember a lot from my childhood years growing up along the CT shore. In East Norwalk, for example, we had Overton's, where I tasted my first fried clam, and never looked back. It's still there, but under new ownership, and kind of tired and worn. When I went back researching for the book, the clams tasted just like motor oil - and were shockingly overpriced, to boot.

I could easily have missed some good ones further up the line. I did hear about a tiny place in Westbrook or Old Saybrook. Do you know it? Or do you know any others?

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