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Bethesdabakers Works Outing (me and herself) to Lunya in Liverpool last week. Cold and damp, stepping between the stalls of a rarther sparse Christmas market, came upon a large embroidered tent in the gloom of Church Alley leading down to the Bluecoat. Nearly walked past thinking it to be another load of old tinsel when I noticed it was full of heaps of hundreds of tagines - different shapes, colours and designs. Real, serious tagines for cooking in.

My current No.1 pot has a crack - it might last for years but it might not so this is like landing in heaven. Bought the big unglazed one straightaway - £10 reduction for being the first customer of the day. Of course, after a great two-bottle lunch at Lunya, walked back and found excuses for buying the two semi glazed pots. The midget is in lieu of a pound coin the vendor was short of in change. He's back to Morocco in several days time so if you are interested in these cooking machines Church Alley should be your destination.


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