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Dinner recs for LA near Staples Center/LA Live/Convention Center

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For several nights next month we'll be staying in that area for the first time and would appreciate dinner recommendations within a safe walking distance. Any food type is fine, with an a price range no higher than $75 pp for app, entree, dessert and two glasses of wine. Also, do you know of any specific LA food-related web site, one on the order of Chicago's LTH Forum? Thanks.

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Well you just have to wander up Figueroa to the "Original Pantry." Really for breakfast but it's an LA institution. And, while you are in the area, wander up to Figueroa & 7th and hop on the Red Line, go 1 stop to MacArthur Park and walk half a block to Langers for arguably the best pastrami in the US (yes, some in NYC will even admit that grudgingly when nobody is looking). Again, that's not for dinner.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, my new personal favorite is Bottega Louie at 7th & Hope. It's loud but good.

That said, any particular kind of food you are looking for.

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So long and thanks for all the fish.
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