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Kauai in August


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I realize there are other posts pertaining to Kauai, however; given some of the more recent replies are over a year old, I figured I would venture to a new topic.

The Fiance (soon to be wife) and I are headed out there in mid August for our honeymoon, we will be staying at Hanalai Bay Resort and will have a rental car.

I am looking for great food suggestions, local food suggestions, and any attractions we should visit or any special events taking place in Aug.

Would love to hear suggestions on fresh fish, sushi, exotic fruits, etc...

We will be there for 1 week, so suggestions are much appreciated!


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My fiance and I went to Kauai in early July. We had a few favorite places.

Most of them were on the south side of the island. Near Lihue

Hamura Saimin - Definitely try out Hamura Saimin, not pretty, not great service, but the ramen noodles were good.

OKI Diner - I really liked OKI diner's oxtail stew. But we had their famous pancakes and were not impressed.

Garden Island BBQ - Good food, mostly chinese, but we really enjoyed it.

Hyatts Resort in Poipu - Go there for their happy hour. Great view if you get a seat up front, the appetizers are REALLY cheap for the happy hour, and the drinks were good.

Puka Dogs (?) - we loved the shaved ice. I like it with the ice cream on the bottom. Also, we heard that if you get two shaved ices, the extra toppings are free. Might want to ask.

Heard good things about Beach house, but you have to make reservations there at least 2 - 3 weeks in advance if you want a seat there. The reservation got filled up pretty fast.

There were a lot of places we wanted to try, but we were going for the cheap route, so we only ate lunches at places and did not go out to dinner much. And since we stayed in the south side of the island, we know more places down on the south side.

I think Hanalei bay resort is on the north side of the island. There is a Bouchon there, the prices didn't look too bad. If we had a chance we'd go try that. Right across from the Bouchon is a Polynesian cafe. Don't EAT THERE [Polynesian cafe]! Food was bad And grouchy people. Although their Habanero chocolate cookie was pretty good. If you want a cheap lunch, in the same shopping mall as Bouchon, there is a local bakery. They have some lunch plates that looked good.

You'll have to try out Banana Joe's smoothie shop. And somewhere up there there is also a diner that does Over The Falls Waffles, which I Haven't had, but heard good things about.

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