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Rino's Cucina,Ft lauderdale


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Last night we were taken by local foodie friends to Rino's Cucina.It's intimate and friendly ristorante and made me understand as why Italian cuisine is so popular with Americans.

Amuse bouche consisted of bruschetta topped with fresh tomatoe and herbs and a parmesan covered flat bread. I skipped an appetizer and had shortribs with risotto . The portions were decent so I correctly thought that it would suffice.

Even though short rib is an American cut of meat ,the sauce was italian and it married with the mushroom risotto beautifully. My companion had chilean seabass cooked in white wine with artichokes and sundried tomatoes. We drank California cabernet sauvignon which was fruity and quite forward, typical of California reds and quite decent.

The food was tasty and the Italian owner chief took pride in his kitchen. Surprise, surprise, he sang Italian songs beautifully and warmly accompanied by an accomplished guitarist. Over all, it was an enjoyable evening that made me feel as if I were in Italy.

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