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Going to Tremblant


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Good Afternoon!

The Fiance and I are headed out to Tremblant at the end of the month, and we were wondering what culinary adventures the kind folks here at the gullet could recommend for us.

I know one night we plan on grabbing a bottle of wine (any suggestions on something that we can get which we cant get at the LCBO?) and some great cheeses...

We have 2 other days/nights where the food is not planned.

Suggestions would be appreciated!


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That sounds so romantic, well done.

I haven't been to Tremblant in 3 years so I'm sure there's something very fresh and to-die-for that I can't comment on. I can say that I used to take my fiance (now wife) to nearby St-Jovite for the less scary more flat kind of skiing where helmets aren't required. We'd get ripe Oka Classic cheese and France French vin de table. The cheese always outlasted the red wine, which is when we moved on to Laurentide beer.

Peter Gamble aka "Peter the eater"

I just made a cornish game hen with chestnut stuffing. . .

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Moe Sizlack

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Thanks Peter...

I try to romance her a bit when we can get away from the city a bit, we stay at this pretty amazing B&B that is on a hill side facing the mountain, he has done some amazing landscaping there and you can go up to the third 'tier' of the backyard and there is a fire pit with chairs there, last time we were there he bought some amazing local sausages and we got wine, cheeses and breads in St Jovite and had a great evening.

My plan is to not eat in Tremblant at all, as it is way too touristy, pricey, and to be frank...crappy.

We had one nice meal in St Jovite last time which we may go back to...and there is a little Beer store that has some amazing micro brews there as well, which I must go back and buy MORE of this time!

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I know the end of the month deadline is past on this thread but in any case, I just wanted to share my favorite spot in that area... Chez Seb, l'artisan culinaire (www.resto-seb.com)

It's in the St-Jovite village far from the Tremblant crowd, very laid back and cosy, beautiful terrasse in the summer and fireplace in the winter, with lots of local and original products on the seasonal menu and great wines.

I've had many romantic and delicious meal there!

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