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J Betskis rocks

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Went there Saturday night and have to say that I can't remember the last time I had as nice a meal out.

We started off with a scheurebe (sp?) trocken that went great with the beet salad with horseradish quark, my keilbasa (that was delicious and a much lighter color than I'm used to) and even the seemingly simple butter lettuce salad (dressed with a delicious herbed dressing). We also tried the pork belly with poached pears. Super tender with a crispy browned top.

Entrees were also great. I had the pumpkin perogies with shrimp and browned butter. Interesting addition was the browned milk solids often strained off when one is served brown butter. It was kind of like bread crumbs only super rich. I mean, it's basically fried cream! Really nice dish all in all.

My wife had the polish stew of beef, pork, and smoked sausage with saurkraut and potatoes. Every bit as delicious as we anticipated. Others had the braised venison shank with (I recall cherries but could be wrong) again nice and the triggerfish with potato-onion gratin. If I had to say the one dish that didn't floor me it was that one but that could easily have been due to the fact that everything else was so off the hook. They insisted that I go with a von Kesselstat Riesling Auslese as neither I or the waiter could imagine anything else that would bridge all those dishes. Long story short... it did.

Desserts just kept it going. Gingerbread cake that was downright spicy with ginger and really, really moist. A super rich cake of chocolate layered with dried apricots was, ok I'm starting to repeat myself but it was really, really good. Lastly the apple strudel...lovely.

Honestly, I really wasn't surprised considering the fact that everyone I'd talked to who had been there gushed about it. Well, count me among those ranks.

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i too am a fan, though I've only ever had snacks at the bar. quite a cozy dining room from what i saw. i'm going back this week end however...can't wait!

"Godspeed all the bakers at dawn... may they all cut their thumbs and bleed into their buns til they melt away..."

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