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  1. And, as part of the French community, I would feel bad for not promoting a French pastry as well 😄 Here's my Paris-Brest, one of my favourite dessert!
  2. Some basic apple crumble for me today ! Done in less than 20 minutes For those interested : 25g brown sugar, 25g sugar, 50g all purpose flour, 50g almond powder, 50g butter. Mix everything and you have the dough! Choose your fruits (I caramelize the apple personally) and bake for around 30 minutes at 180 Celsius.
  3. Regarding flavor, I use any kind of good quality extract (jasmine, mint, vanilla, etc). You don't want to add too much water so you want to buy a brand that allows you to get the essence with just few dops. For your coloring issue, I'm very surprise. I've been doing marshmallows for years now and never had any issue when using gel colouring. Are you sure it doesn't collapse when you don't use colouring (in other words, isn't your recipe that causes the issue ?) ?
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