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  1. The Fuss and I are heading up to Waynesville/Maggie Valley/Lake Junaluska for Fathers' Day w/e and will probably be on our own on Saturday night. Any suggestions will be appreciated as we are not particularly picky. That area has grown so rapidly that I know there must be some relatively good places lurking out there.
  2. I am going to say that bastion of some thing or another.....Pittypat's Porch.
  3. Aaahhh, but how many of those states have a Peach County? Unlike Bacon County and Coffee County, --which were named for people--Peach County was named for that luscious fruit. Just like oranges are grown in places besides Florida when you mention oranges I imagine most of us think of the "Sunshine State". The same applies to dairy products and Wisconsin. Peaches, pecans, chickens, soy beans, okra, collards, Vidalia onions (truly a Georgia original), figs, tomatoes, turnips, sweet potatoes ("as God is my witness!"), pole beans, peanuts, & so on..... There are not a lot of foods named after places in Georgia if that is what you mean--Vidalia Onions and Brunswick stew (although there is a major argument w/ some folks in Virginia about that one) are two of the few I can recall immediately. Of course there is nothing that says Georgia more than an ice cold Coca-Cola or perhaps an "ARAH SEE" (RC Cola for those who do not know any better. I do believe there is a state law that you may not consume an "Arah See" w/o also having a Moon Pie in hand--and note Moon Pies come fr/ just across the border in Chat-noogie.) The state Department of Agriculture (Tommy Irvin, commissioner) published a cook book a few years back that was dedicated to Georgia foods. It is actually a pretty decent book and has a lot of receipts that I use quite often. If you are interested you might peruse a copy of that. I believe it is still available fr/ the DoA. You might also ask them to send a copy of the "Farmer & Consumer's Market Bulletin" as that includes lots of Georgia products.
  4. Thanks all for the suggestions. Daisy the St. Germain cocktail sounds absolutely delightful and would be perfect except I can not get St. Germain here in GA. I wonder if Creme de Violette would work? hmmmm...... I also like the idea of Pimm's Cups except Fuss despises Pimm's. She says it tastes like beef broth. Where she gets that I am not certain. Whiskey Sours might work and I will have to do some thinkin' on that option. I like the mango puree and think I have some mango syrup some where that would work well w/ some prosecco or bubbly. I especially like the Ballet Russe. That might just work. We will see. Thanks again
  5. Fuss & I are inviting several little old ladies (do not tell them I said that!) as well as some not so little old ladies over for Mothers' Day. Dinner of grilled rack of lamb and pork loin for the main course w/ assorted veg, &c. will be served relatively early after noon. Wine will be w/ dinner but what I need is a little libation for when every one gathers--preferably wine or champagne--even sherry--based (did I mention that they were mostly little old ladies?) since it will be relatively early after noon and the last thing I need is a bunch of soused mothers. I did kirs and kir royales one year, bellinis one year, moscato, and would prefer not to repeat. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  6. I realize it has been a while but.... I ran in to Geoff Edges the other day and mentioned that I needed my knives sharpened. He keeps "office hours" at his ware house 3715 Northcrest Road, #35 (just off fr/ I-85--go west on Northcrest just past the Exxon station and look for the office complex on the left just behind a rise. Go around to the back) on Mondays prettty much all day. That is much more convenient for me than dropping things off at a place and picking them up days later. I had about a half-dozen knives sharpened and it took about an hour (it woud have been less time but Geoff and I had to solve all of the problems of the world and gossip about mutual acquaintances). His telephone number is 770/ 938.6324 & 770/ 935.0148. btw, they did an excellent job as I just went through an inch thick carrot as if it was butter.
  7. I had to go and find this thread since I finally found a source for Cr de Violette. I could not remember if there was a receipt given for the Aviation w/ CdV and luckily (!) my question was answered. For the good news (at least here in Georgia): Quality Distributors now carries R&W products including their Creme de Violette. Quality also handles Marie Brizzard products and they have assured me that they are going to be more aggressive w/ the MB than the last distributor. Savannah Distributors now has Luxardo products and that should make Maraschino liqueur--as well as the other items they carry--much more available.
  8. here in Georgia we are looking at either sweet iced tea or Coca-Cola. If you asked most folks they would answer "swee-tea" but if it went before the General Assembly the Coca-Cola lobby would be all over it and that would be named. As a matter of fact I am kind of surprised the Coca-Cola company has not done that already. There is a Georgia Mint Julep according to Ted Haigh's book but I had never heard of the thing until I read his book.
  9. Sorry as I kept expecting some one fr/ that "neck of the woods" to jump in w/ a response. A Hot Brown Sandwich was devised at the Brown Hotel in Louisville. The story is that a patron wanted some thing after the restaurant was closed so the chef put together what he had available. The patron enjoyed it so much that he told others and soon it became a much requested item. The sandwich is essentially sliced white turkey topped w/ bacon and a parmesan cream sauce over toast. Derby-Pie is actually trade-marked by the folks at the Melrose Inn in Prospect, KY. The pie is a combination of chocolate and pecans flavored w/ bourbon. Supposedly the name was drawn fr/ a hat by the patrons at the restaurant the day the dessert was introduced. As for sea food--good luck if expecting some thing fr/ the oceans but you should be able to find lots of cat fish and fresh water fish w/ the number of lakes in that region. If memory serves that area of the country thinks that barbecue refers to mutton and that can be quite a shock to some one who expects pork. Oh, & try some lamb fries fr/ one of the local establishments and tell me what you think.
  10. it does need to be seriously rationed. Fuss took a taste; her eyes got big and she just said, "Oh my God!"--actually she kind of whined it. ":^) edited to add: speaking of hot.....once again I failed to make it to Prince's Hot Chicken Shack and am kicking my self that we did not get that direction.
  11. I just posted on the other (South) board that we tried to go yesterday not realizing he was not open on Mondays during the winter. We will head over tomorrow after doing the WBTS tour fr/ Nashville down to Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, &c. ← carpetbagger & lan4dawg.....thanks for coming by the joint and thanks for the kind words about the food. in the next few days i may post an update on the joint and my experience since its inception. we're not out of the woods yet but we're trying hard, just serving the best and most consistent bbq/food we can.......the latter i have learned is one of the HARDEST challenges in the restaurant biz. y'all come in and eat anytime you can, i got kids to feed! ← Sorry we missed seeing you and I assume you got my note. We enjoyed it and Fuss is a hard critic when it comes to barbecue. I might need to steal the receipt for the hot sauce you serve w/ the wings. I am guessing chipotles are one of the main ingredients. I bet that stuff helps your beer sales!
  12. I just posted on the other (South) board that we tried to go yesterday not realizing he was not open on Mondays during the winter. We will head over tomorrow after doing the WBTS tour fr/ Nashville down to Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, &c.
  13. congratulations John. We need to head over there and see you soon. Thomas & Holly
  14. unfortunately too many distractions to stop on our way in the fall but we will definitely swing by in March when on our way to Nashville for the SEC women's tourney. I am looking forward to it.
  15. in Charlotte Fuss and I are going to the SEC women's hoops tourney in Nashville the first week in March. We will be there all week so will hit our usual favorites--Flyte, Mad Platter, Zola--but was hoping for suggestions w/in walking distance of the Sommett Center for dinner between games or if any one has suggestions for some thing new & exciting in / around Nashville then let me know. HDHD!
  16. I hope it is still very good or I might be in trouble. ":^)
  17. a co-worker swears by the Roast Beef Po' Boys and Pralines at a place called Bear's in Covington. He talks about them so much I went to confirm this afer noon.
  18. and while I am begging.... any suggestions of a place relatively near (walking distance, say up to a mile) the Super Dome for about 10-12 of us to meet before the game?
  19. Fuss used to live down there and we have visited on a couple of occasions since then for various bowl games, &c but things have changed since our last visit--you had an un-invited visitor that caused quite a stir. We will, of course, hit Willie Mae's and Dooky Chase. We enjoyed both the last times we were there so want to help them get "back on their feet" as it were (& see my SFA donations at work) and help celebrate that they are back in business. Plans are to be there fr/ Sunday, 30th Dec until Saturday. What is open? What is not to miss? Who needs our patronage (the food is still good but they need diners)? We will have a car and Fuss knows her way around relatively well (we hope things have not changed that drastically). We are also open to any thing fr/ dives to serious up-scale and I will eat just about any thing. Our only requirement is some thing relatively nice on NYE but that is not even a real requirement as we can make do w/ what ever. edited to add: I saw the recommendations under Holly's post below and took copious notes but that was a month ago so was looking for any other ideas or new openings, &c. thx.
  20. Thx & sorry KP. I do not know why I forget the "ville" in Virginia's but I do that all the time. I will make a mental note (but will probably forget by the time I get home). btw, you are the one who recommended Lulu's to us in the first place. We had such a good time in Charlotte we are looking forward to returning.
  21. Charlotte, NC or VA? If NC we hit a place called Lulu's and enjoyed it so much the first night that we returned the next.
  22. just about every green vegetable known to man, every single bean, pea, or legume and most soups can be made better by the addition of some country ham. I like to make a ham "gravy" (make a roux w/ bacon or ham fat and onion, then add some diced country ham, and a little milk and cracked pepper) for grits, biscuits, rice, or even roasted chicken or pork chops. I also make what I call a "Southern saltimbocca" and substitute country ham and rat trap cheese for the prosciutto/mozzarella then bread and fry the chicken. It is also a great addition to mac and cheese.
  23. NO. I meant YOUR DAWGS, as in wishing you well, and them a victory over whoever they're playing. I didn't care enough about the outcome of the games when I went to school there, and haven't given them much thought since, unless Daddy was here, eagerly searching every cable channel for a Rebel game on the weekend. He's probably had several discussions with Coach Vaught and Bear Bryant since he passed on, as they were two idols of his. And that dressed-up hussy might have been ME, since that was my usual attire when attending games, but I don't like beer, so I wasn't strolling drinking any. Or smoking. My Mama WOULDA snatched me bald-headed if she'd caught me with a Kent on a sidewalk. (Our little smoke-breaks together way back when, while we hid from Daddy, are another topic). Back on topic---I've catered many a Delta game party and Bowl celebration, with big trays of good ole cathead biscuits and country ham on the buffet. ← well thank you & my apologies on the mis-understanding (I thought you were talking to Mayhaw). The gator sausage was a hit last Saturday (alligator sausage perlo and alligator pear salad)--almost as big a hit as the score!
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