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  1. No. Garland stopped its consumer line many years ago.
  2. Thank you, but I was in no way offended. Yale is where I bought my POS Garland (not Viking). I will never pay more than $1,000 for another range, if that.
  3. “Sometimes it is the arrow that can make a better Indian. And that statement sounds somewhat wrong, these days.” Oh, I am just so sorry. I meant to say Native American, but to me it’s synonymous.
  4. Well, consider yourself very lucky.
  5. I am tired of repairing my “high end” POS stove and won’t buy another expensive one again. Does everyone here cook only on $2,000 plus ranges?
  6. Hmm. Not electric. I’ve never used induction, but I’m open to it.
  7. So, can anyone make further suggestions for a stove?
  8. Oops. So it is. Can a slide in and stand alone be used interchangeably?
  9. After years of cleaning my stove I’ll be glad to risk sealed burners.
  10. Can you please give me the model number or name?
  11. Wow! Looks and sounds very good. Thanks.
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