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  1. Thank you! That's the exact answer I'm looking for. Low hiss 4 life. Thanks everyone else for the replies.
  2. Hello friends - I'm pretty new to pressure cooking and couldn't find this answer anywhere I looked. For equipment, I have a Cristel Alto 9L and a Control Freak for induction. I'm wondering if you're cooking at maximum pressure, does your PC need to be hissing full-on to achieve the highest intensity? The first time I used the PC I cranked it full blast and it was hissing loudly the entire time. Nowadays, I try to set the induction to a temperature where the hissing is less audible on the full pressure setting. What are the implications for this? I'm hoping that any hiss is full pressure, or that it doesn't really matter, because having a quite PC is much nicer when dealing with longer cook times. Thanks in advance!
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