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  1. 2 hours ago, Paul Bacino said:

    Didnt make this..but boy was it killer.

    Omaha gets some pretty decent seafood  @Hiro's88



    That is a thing of beauty in more ways than one. 

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  2. Another porterhouse steak night.


    My SO is doing another four day cleanse so I made a very rare steak with baby bella mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, butter and red wine. The baked potatoes are two small red ones harvested from the compost pile. We didn't plant potatoes this year. 




    The steak was SVed for 2.5 hours at 122F then seared in an antique CIFP at 500F for 100 seconds on each side. It was frozen solid when it went into the water.

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  3. Pork chop at Del Mar in Chatham on a bed of mashed potatoes with microgreens. Cooked to specifications, medium rare.




    Paired with a nice glass of Freak Show zinfandel.

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  4. Bone-in strip steak, brown rice steamed in homemade chicken stock, kale sauteed in olive oil with garlic and sherried baby bella mushrooms.




    Steak was frozen and SVed for two hours at 122F then seared in an antique CIFP at 500F.


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  5. Shrimp with our own onions, garlic, carrot, yellow pepper as well as ginger. Seasoned with Penzey's lemon pepper and ground coriander. Served with the season's first sweet potato, steamed.


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  6. 42 minutes ago, Captain said:

    Turkey breast scaloppini.  We rarely see Turkey so this was something new.


    Shady Brook brand turkey breast cutlets and scaloppini are easy to find in our local Market Basket. About four slices/pound for cutlets and six for scaloppini. They are in vacuum packed trays which we try to have in stock in our protein freezer.

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  7. An echo of the first post in this topic.


    Hot egg salad on Jessica's Tuscan wheat bread.




    Hot egg salad: hot hard boiled eggs, melted butter, salt and pepper.


    Note to self: in future, cut hard boiled eggs in half before microwaving.

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  8. Decades ago I had "The Encyclopedia of Chinese Cooking". It listed the ingredients before the instructions and prepended letters in sequence to each. The instructions referenced the ingredients by their prepended letter.


    One recipe had this (or something like this) instruction: rinse K well and set aside. Ingredient K was not mentioned again in the instructions which was probably just as well. Ingredient K was sugar.


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  9. Brown rice steamed in homemade chicken stock, lightly breaded turkey breast cutlets fried until GBD and eggs fried between the cutlets.


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  10. 54 minutes ago, heidih said:

    well that must have set you up deliciously for the day. Was that one egg a double yolker?

    Nope. Four singles. I was going to do a scramble but none of the yolks broke. Thus the trip to the oven.


    It was brunch, sadly, no Bloody Mary.

  11. Leftover brown rice that was steamed in home made chicken stock fried in butter with sliced ham and eggs cooked on the induction range until the whites started to cook and then convection baked until the whites were completely set and the yolks were like pudding.



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  12. 12 hours ago, MaryIsobel said:

    Said pie. And yes, this belongs in the dinner topic because now we have decided that that's what's for dinner. Maple walnut ice cream for my husband and a slice of old cheddar cheese for me.



    When having apple pie in a restaurant I always ask for a slice of cheddar. I usually only get a bewildered look. When I make an apple pie I put cheddar chunks under the top crust 

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  13. 12 hours ago, Norm Matthews said:

    Time for smoking outside is getting short.  I did a brisket in the smoker. I did all the smoking outside but when it came time to wrap it, it was getting late so I wrapped it and put it in the refrigerator and finished it in the oven today.  Our local grocery chain, Hen House, has whole briskets for sale occasionally and when they do, their USDA Choice is only $45 to $60.  That is about the same price for Prime brisket at Costco but the two times I got the Choice from Hen House, they turned out juicer and as tender as the Prime from Costco.  I have heard mentioned that their Prime might be dairy cattle, IDK whether or not that makes a difference. I just thought I'd mention it and see if anyone cares to comment.   The one I got for today had a funny shaped round end with a little piece sticking up.  When it got done that piece looked burned but when I cut it off, it was not burned burned.  It was blackened but just under the skin, it was moist and juicy.  I imagine it was like Arthur Bryants original burnt ends.   He'd trim off the blackened ends and put them out for free so people could nibble on them while waiting in line to order.  People started asking other restaurants to put burnt ends on their menu.  The restaurant owners knew there were never going to be enough burnt ends to have as a daily menu item so they came up with what Kansas City's burnt ends are today and not at all like Bryant's was 50 years ago.


    My smoker was 9 years old in June.  It will probably last longer than I will.






    Nice gear and great looking brisket. I haven't done brisket for a long time mostly because I can't bring myself to pay $8.99/# or more.

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  14. 7 hours ago, scubadoo97 said:

    Just skinned and portioned two sides of steelhead trout.   The tails and bellies are heading to the smoker today.  The rest was portioned, vac sealed and went into to the freezer.  



    I'm assuming you started with live fish. Did you catch them? I rank steel head lower than arctic char and above most salmon as our favorite salmonoid fishes. Char was hard to get but Iceland is now farming it. It's much more available but still pricey.


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  15. Magret duck breast with raspberry ginger sauce, baked sweet potato and steamed brussel sprouts for our fifth wedding anniversary dinner.




    I reached deep into the wine cellar for a better than average wine to serve with the duck.




    It was 1971 vintage purchased when I had more money than sense. As you can see, the bottle shows it's age. It has been moved six times since I bought it in the early 80's. Some of it's storage was very wet, as in flooded.


    The wine was great, as expected. It wouldn't have been hurt with a few more years of aging. Too bad I had only one.


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  16. High fiber cereal, granola, very ripe banana with raspberries from the bowl of them I picked yesterday. All floating in unsweetened almond milk.





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  17. Simple dinner tonight. Bone in strip steak SVed at 120F for 2.5 hours and seared at 500F in an antique cast iron fry pan 90 seconds per side. Served with cauliflower streamed for 15 minutes. 


    No seasoning on the steak, butter, black pepper and pink salt on the cauliflower.




    A glass of Los Hermanos temprenillo went well with it.


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  18. Today's lunch was pepper jack cheese, pepperoni, unsalted mixed nuts, hard boiled egg, chunk of blue cheese, Grillo's half sour pickle and a tin of lightly smoked sardines.



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  19. Dinner at friends' house last night. 


    Monstrous salad, anchovies, grilled lambsicals, wild mushrooms, grilled tuna and Benziger's Cabernet Sauvignon to go with.




    Dessert was watermelon and feta cubes with mint.




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  20. On 8/27/2021 at 7:46 AM, Ann_T said:

    I would love your biscuits and gravy.


    Moe's breakfast.
    Scrambled eggs with tomato and bacon. Toasted baguette.

    That plate was washed down with a bacon infused bloody mary that was garnished with a slice of bacon. The waiter commented on my consistency.

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  21. From the Tin Shed, Portland Oregon.PXL_20210826_161611359.thumb.jpg.d46d3cc5a8f89e271229c2bdabc9f756.jpg


    House-made buttermilk biscuit covered with apple-wood smoked bacon gravy, potato cake with sour cream and chives, scrambled eggs, and pork sausage. 

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