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  1. Trying to find a humidity controlled case (based in UK) with little luck, is there another term I should be using? Thank you so much for the helpful answers! https://www.caterkwik.co.uk/cgi-bin/trolleyed_public.cgi?action=showprod_GLNCUBE I can find things like this but there's no mention of humidity Or fridge cases which are just focusing on temperature.
  2. Hi all, I'm a newbie. I'm opening an ice-cream parlour in my town and hope to eventually have handmade chocolate in one section of the shop. Because of all the restrictions, I haven't been able to get any chocolatier training (besides what I can scavenge online) so I'm expecting this side of the business to be a next year thing. However, the shop itself is opening in July - and I have to make sure it's fully fitted before opening up to customers. This means choosing my display counters now. Can anyone advise on how best to display chocolate bonbons? I know that its best not to refrigerate chocolate, but I'm not sure if this extends to displaying it. Whilst I'm here - what's the typical shelf life for a bonbon? Thanks in advance ❤️
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