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  1. You are absolutely right
  2. The thing I wanted you to confirm from the article was, that the stuff I am talking about has been taken as a reference from that article, you may have your own opinions and i respect them Thanks
  3. Vitamix seems to be blender that has multipurpose series, it had been providing value to the customer but if you have bought something from the series of Vitamix 5200 then I guess you have bought something which may disturb you. Vitamix 5200 is not so handy while putting in the cupboards where as if you have the Vitamix 5300 it will be good, from your post I can't judge what series you have but I would love to mention the source I have taken the information from https://scanmykitchen.com/vitamix-5200-vs-5300/
  4. i love bbq man, it makes my tongue watery
  5. I am a fan of bbq's and that watery texture of the chicken or beef you just get after put off the bbq sticks from the stove, it's just lovely.
  6. I would like to introduce myself to you as a kitchen enthusiasts and someone who would love to discuss this with you. Thanks
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