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  1. I tried forming a crust on my creme brulee using erythritol and it just melts and doesnt form a crust. Any suggestions for forming a crunchy crust that isnt full of carbs?
  2. I have vision cadet which is joe jr sized kamado. Uses very little fuel. I use it mainly for smoking and searing steaks after sous vide. Very easy to set up and clean. Im lazy so I use a shop vac 90% of the time takes 10 seconds.
  3. How did I get into it? I like freeze dried method of food preservation. Grandparents have a large garden and I hate to let things go to waste. What I like to cook? Mostly low carb stuff. Omelets, beef,chicken, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, lots of stews and soups. Before the pandemic I used to go camping once a month for 3-4 days and freeze dried meals saved me a lot of time. Heard about freeze drying on a gun forum so I am here.
  4. Hey folks, I am here to learn about freeze drying meal prep. Looking at getting a harvest right freeze dryer for myself and learning how to make whole meals.
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