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  1. Does anyone here use their APO for proofing dough or for making yogurt. I notice that when I set to 82F (in SousVide mode, 0 steam, Bottom heat, low fan) the temperature swings quite a lot and definitely not close to their 1 degree precision claim. Matter of fact, if I don't keep the door open, it reaches 87-90 very easily. Do I have another bum unit?
  2. @Tuber magnatum Indeed, I requested my own for my birthday. :-). TLDR: For $600, its a great price for a combi oven. Get one, especially if you like to bake bread. The APO is a combi oven for $600, which is one of the primary reason I got one. I didn't want to spend $4k on a Miele/Thermador/Whatever combi plus the added expense of plumbing and cabinetry. In comparison to a Miele Combi which my friend with a nice(r) kitchen has, the APO clearly pales on the fit and finish columns. But it shines where it needs to. I find the APO pretty adequate for most everything
  3. Also, Anova is shipping me a new one and letting me use this until I get the new one. So good on them.
  4. @Sartain, My oven makes normal fan noise when at high but at low and medium it makes a noticeable metallic clunk. Here I uploaded the video to Youtube...this is at low speed
  5. Thank you for confirming. I reached out to Anova and they'd like me to ship mine back. But they wont send me a replacement until I ship mine back...:-(.
  6. Convection fan rattle at low and medium speeds. Has anyone else seen this? I saw a couple instances of this on the anova community forum. I was proofing some dough the other day and thought to try circulating the air at a low speed and it makes this rather awful rattle which is reduced a bit at the medium speed and is completely gone at high speed.
  7. My steel weighs 5.75kg and seems okay.
  8. Hello @BatchCooker i got inspired by @JoNorvelleWalker but didn’t want to spend $200+ on a baking steel. So I got this one from Amazon But 16x12 instead of 12x12 for around $40. https://www.amazon.com/Steel-Plate-A36-Steel-25-Thick/dp/B07MC8K235/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Baking+steel&qid=1604649108&s=industrial&sr=1-4 its a piece of A36 raw steel with rounded corners. The finish is not quite as nice as a modernist steel but it is good. I did have to soak it in acid to get rid of the mill scale. (30 min for Muriatic acid, 1 day or longer fo
  9. Hahaha. Why not indeed. a related question(s): does your blast freezer have a hold mode so it can double as a regular freezer for the times your freezer is too full? And how long does the freezer take to come down to temperature if you don’t have it on all the time.
  10. @JoNorvelleWalker, why are you dehydrating the chicken in the blast chiller prior to cooking in the APO? is this a trick to get crispier skin?
  11. My APO oven light went out today while the oven was on and set to 77F (to try and speed up some dough proofing) anyone noticed this so far? my experience is that the oven light is always on unless it’s being turned off to keep the temperature low in Which case It is pretty cool.
  12. Agree with @JoNorvelleWalker, there’s a lot of steam that rises from the bottom right vent and it’s not actually out the front. For me, It sort of rises to the side going towards the back. And there’s also a heat vents on top that get pretty warm. If you have 6-8” on the water tank side and above it might be workable otherwise it’s probably not great for the cabinetry it’s going to sit in.
  13. Thank you for confirming the firmware version. that’s a good idea I’ll see if I can find some time to open it up and look at where the cable is attached to the display.
  14. It looks like regular cooling racks fit nicely in the oven, so for light duty stuff like dehydrating, maybe worth reusing regular cooling racks. And I love the idea of throwing a silpat on the rack, every time I used to make chicken jerky treats for my dog, the racks would sit for hours in the sink to get rid of the little crusted on pieces of chicken. Silpat!! Doh!
  15. I got enabled by these 25 pages to get one of these as well. Off eBay for $850 after taxes and shipping. (There was one issue with lines on the display but ah well, I guess I can live with that) The firmware on this one ( I know no new changes have been made for the longest time) is L1C1.0_1.0.A55, which seems very different from all the other ones on the board so far. I haven't tried anything on this yet except to boil water and test that the reported pan temperature was actually correct. I guess I now need to re-read CanadianHomeChef and JasonsCookingAdventure
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