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  1. Now the problem is that i don’t know where to find such torch in my town 🤣 but honestly, the idea was to create cheat creme brulee, and for a better experience (i find it very satisfying to split the donuts in half with the caramel cracking like glass) but yeah im exploring the best technique possible for this, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve seen them in youtube videos and yeah it looks like it’s very hard to eat one. But hey I don’t understand what will happen if I make caramel on a humid day? Never had a day that’s not humid here in Indonesia.. is that going to be a problem?? yeah i guess that’s the problem! When i tried this method for the first time after I leave it overnight the donuts kinda drenched in oil-caramel mixture and it became soggy.. I’ll definitely try your suggestion, thanks!!
  2. Ooh i know about the candied apple but never thought about that because I'm just not used to that stuff (we don't have them here in Indonesia!). Just checked out some videos and i think the answer might be the corn syrup, so i guess I’ll try to find some on a bigger grocery here in my city. Thanks!!
  3. Hello! I’ve been looking for a way to control the thickness of simple caramel but i couldn’t find one! I always use dry caramel method because it works best for me. But, using such method means i only use sugar without any other liquid right? That way i can’t control the thickness of the caramel. I’ve seen controlling the thickness with corn syrup or lemon juice but i can’t find the exact measurement, also with lemon juice i don’t want to change the taste of the caramel itself. The goal is to create thick enough caramel that can coat the outer layer of donuts so that when you bite into it, it will crack easily. Last night i tried with the method mentioned above (about 10tsp of sugar with 1tsp of lemon juice, kinda hard to find corn syrup here) and it’s still too thick, it’s still applicable but when the caramel solidified its just a lil bit too hard to my liking. Is there any guide as to how to control the thickness of simple caramel? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I’m a college student that loves everything about food. I’m mostly interested in baking, because I find it very interesting on how it’s a mix of science and art, and it’s very joyful! Currently I have a lot of questions regarding the recipes that I want to perfect, as most recipes that i found are really good but i just want to step them up a little bit more to suit my preferences, as well as to gain more information about the techniques and so on. Looking forward to start posting here. Thanks!!
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