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  1. I should mention the Callebaut C811 was from a bulk bin at a small local grocer so may of been old.
  2. Hi keychris. No I have not tasted it yet. In fact only the C811 is all of Callebaut I have sated so far and I found it boring. But intend to purchase some 70-30-38 and the 100% liquor today. I was on the ketogenic diet for a couple months so have accumulated a few artificial sweeteners. I have not even opened the allulose bag yet. The modern substances have no gastric distress for most folks, unlike the old malitol and sorbitol of old. I still like liquid sucralose (generic Splenda) the best. But this is specific to each individual. So far the benchmark for me is the Trader Joe's 7
  3. I am wondering if anyone has been tempering and molding sugar free chocolates with, "Callebaut 100% Cocoa Chocolate Liquor." I am curious if one could add about 40% cocoa butter, say Anthony's for instance and ones own favored flavorings and sweetener. So far I have only been microwave tempering Trader Joe's 72% with mixed results, so initially I was noodling ways to get the sugar down from its roughly 30%. So making bonbons with cream cheese, peanut putter, pepper jack etc had come to mind. But having found the Callebaut pure liquor for $7.99 a pound opens some possibilities. So
  4. Hello there. I already learned a couple key things today searching about Callebraut and comparable melting chocolate manufacturers in your forums. I was surprised at the results of my modest experiments using Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% bars. So have been obsessing over an order with Gygi. I was glad to see some positive feedback about that vendor here at egullet. I will consider being a paid member when my cash flow improves.
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