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  1. I've made Modernist Cuisine's Red Wine Glaze 5 times now. The first three times were stunning. The 4th was not so good. The trouble I have (as an amateur) is during the skimming process. Skimming off the fat over high heat as all the steam is rising up along with the bubbling makes it very hard for me to discern whether I'm skimming fat or the substance of the reduction. I have a feeling the 4th time I skimmed off too much substance and not the fat. I just made it the 5th time and I decided to try something new to eliminate the skimming process. After straining the liquid from the pressure cooker into a sauce pan I decided to place the sauce pan over an ice bath and then refrigerate overnight. The next morning I scooped off all the fat and reduced the remaining liquid. By removing the fat I ended up reducing the sauce in half the time (25 min vs. 45 min). My worry (as an amateur) is that by removing the fat from the reduction process I may have lost flavor profile. Of course all the fat was there with the other ingredients in the pressure cooker for 2 hours. I've vacuum sealed the glaze and will use at a later date. The color and texture of the refrigerated glaze reminded me of what I made the first three times.I'm hoping I didn't make a critical mistake, especially after dropping over $60 to make it. Thanks for any advice orcomments.
  2. Any recommendations for a "walk away no worries" toasting nuts and seeds using The Control Freak in order to avoid burning? There is a video from Polyscience online about toasting spices and not having any risk of burning. I guess I'm wondering if the same technique would apply to nuts.
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