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  1. I need some recommendations as to purchasing a gas range. Is it better to buy a full gas range or to buy a dual fuel gas range. That is a gas top and the stove is a electric convection oven. I have read that for baking an electric oven is better than a gas one. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So is All-Clad comprimising on their quality these days?
  3. Is All-Clad stainless steel cookware still the best that you can buy. Is it still worth the money. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I would like to know what type of oil does everyone use when they are stir frying using a wok.
  5. Is there any updates for this subject.
  6. Hello, Thank you for your interest in All-Clad products. I apologize for the delay. This is (and continues to be) an exceptionally busy time for us here in Consumer Service. While the greatest percentage of our cookware products is manufactured in Canonsburg PA, some pieces are manufactured offshore to All-Clad specifications. These pieces include tools (utensils), and inserts (such as the steamer and double boiler). The Roti Pan and the Petite Roti are now manufactured offshore as well. We appreciate your loyalty to American-made products. Increased demand for several (introductory-priced) items has caused us to expand manufacturing to other parts of the world. We have thoroughly researched the capabilities of our off-shore partners, and allow the products produced for All-Clad to bear our name and lifetime warranty only because we are certain of the level of quality therein. Sincerely, Kim Nemitz Consumer Service Representative All-Clad Metalcrafters, LLC 1.800.255.2523
  7. Where can I get the Magnum Plus in Toronto, Canada.
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed this change. Now the next question is. Where are they made now?
  9. So I must be on to something.
  10. I will look for that the next time I'm in Williams Sonoma.
  11. It just an observation I made. These days nothing suprises me with manufacturers.
  12. I was at a Williams Sonoma store in Toronto yesterday looking at All Clad stainless steel frying pans. For some reason these pans seemed lighter in weight from previous ones. Is All Clad compromising on quality these days or is just me. Any comments would be appreciated
  13. Where can I get my knives sharpened professionally in Toronto.
  14. I was just wondering what type of pot everyone uses to cook rice. Stainless or Non Stick.
  15. It is usually the type of rice you get when you order a souvalaki dinner at one of the fast food greek restaurants.
  16. Does anyone have a recipe for Greek Rice. You know the rice you get served in most of the greek restaurants. I believe they use par boiled rice.
  17. Since this is my first post to this forum I'm looking for some feedback on the All Clad non stick cookware. Should I just use the non stick in the frying pans. Does this come with a life time warranty. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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