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  1. Do they still brew Watneys Red Barrel? It was great. Any Belgian double would be nice too!
  2. Tacos in Mexico that had veins and tendons protruding. Well, after seeing it I didnt really have an appetite left.
  3. If you get up to Prescott, we have a great little farmers market near the courthouse on weekends through summer.
  4. I thank you all for the insight. I will pre-cool my soups before putting in the fridge now. I'm gonna look for one of those frozen paddles too. The cooling process you described reminds me of cooling down the wort (while making beer) to 100F to pitch the yeast. Also, nice tribute Dodger! "It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top. Hunter S. Thompson ---- R.I.P. 1939 - 2005" Woody creek will never be the same...
  5. My wife and I have a disagreement about soup storage. She insists that you must cool a soup to room temperature before placing it into the fridge or it will spoil. I, on the other side, see no reason not to move a newly prepared and still warm soup directly into cold storage in a container. Is there some validity to her claims? (I sure hope I am right!) Thanks in advance.
  6. First off, my fav beer mostly comes from Belgiam in the form of dubbels and tripples. That said, my favorite cheap american beer is/was the Coors product "Keystone". It had a clean crisp taste with a hint of maltiness in the middle. Now the problem. They changed the can graphics again (about the 4th time) except this time, it seems they changed the contents also. Not only does the new can look like Coca Cola, (this should endear the product to children) but now it smells and tastes like they removed the malt and put in RICE EXTRACT!!! Yes, it now tastes like a bad can of Budwiser. I also noticed the can no longer says "premium". The folks at Coors assured me on the phone that they didnt change the product, but my wife and I dissagree. Have any of you with discerning palates here tried this beer and noticed a difference? Also, can anyone reccomend a CHEAP good tasting beer?
  7. Does anyone here know if there is an advantage to buying "organic" beef like Lauras Lean? I would like to think it would be much less likely to occur in organic certified beef.
  8. I finally got my hands on this years twenty-ninth edition and with much anticipation poured and sampled it. Outstanding! This years brew seems like they took the best qualitys from Negra Modelo and Boulder Stout. The body is dark like a Negro Modelo, but much more depth of maltiness and of course the spice in both taste and aroma is quite pronounced. The dark roasted malt flavor (black patent malt?) seems familar to my palate from previous tastings of Boulder Stout, but the rich taste of this years Anchor Seasonal Ale superceeds in all aspects. I also like this years label (Picea sitchensis). In retrospect to previous years, this years brew is a standout! Your comments?
  9. If this post isnt too late.......... Try Los Dos Molinas on S. Central in Phoenix. They serve the best Mexican food in Phoenix (New Mexico type) if you can handle HOT food. The Chile Rellenos are awesome and hot. The salsa is incredible, but not for those unacustomed to the fire. Also worth the trip would be Montes La Casa Viejo (a steakhouse) in Tempe. This place is a time warp back to the frontier days in Phoenix with the building being a historic landmark. The real reason to go there is for the best Filet Mignon in the valley. I hear the Chinese Cultural Center has some good food too. Good eating!
  10. Brewery

    Mass produced lagers

    Carta Blanca is a great mass produced beer. Avoid the lime and enjoy the maltyness and crisp hoppy finish. If you have one that traveled well, it will have a decent head with fine bubbles. We used to drink awesome Tres XXX in Mexico, but it seems to have vanished.
  11. Anchor Steam X10. Liberty Ale on tap is verrry good. "Sierra Nevada, hands down. I have tried and tried to like Anchor Steam, and I never could. Never tried their Liberty Ale, or other types, EXCEPT Anchor Christmas, which is quite possibly the best winter holiday beer I can get, year in and year out. If you can find it in magnum bottles, so much the better. It actually keeps and sometimes improves in the bottle for years if properly stored. When November rolls around, I'd like to see a thread discussing this years crop of winter/holiday beers. The one that I have had once or twice but isn't always available in Washington, D.C. is Mendocino Brewing Company's Yuletide Porter, though we can easily get their Red Tail, Blue Heron and Black Hawk brews. We D.C. denizens are also unfortunate enough to be deprived of everything from Fort Collins Brewing Co. ("Fat Tire", et. al..) Anyway...Sierra Nevada, including their Wheat Beer (very refreshing with a lemon wedge, too) and their Bigfoot as well. " You should try Asss Christmas beer from Norway...... awesome
  12. Brewery

    Guinness on tap

    To those who love Guiness: Great pours at 1.The 6511 Club in Chicago and 2.Moctazumas on Whisky row in Prescott, Az. If you are in a hurry, go elsewhere, they draw a beautiful pint. Do any of you remember GUINESS CREAM STOUT in 12 oz. bottles that required a sonic generator at the bar (or a good slam on a log) to release the foam/head? They were great! To those who dislike Guiness: Perhaps you dont like stouts in general, then I pity you lol. Serious though, I would like to know of a better stout if it exists. I have enjoyed- Old Australian Stout, Xingu, Watneys Stout, XXX Stout, Old Peculiar, Boulder Stout, Murphys, ect...., but none have matched Guiness in my opinion. So tell me of a better Stout than Guiness and I will gladly try it! PS: I also had Guiness in bottles in Jaimaica (brewed on island) and it was quite good.
  13. never heard of either... where do you find these beers at? (like what country/state)
  14. Brewery

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    I forgot one of the worst= OLD STYLE. This is the beer we drank in college that would actually turn your tongue black if you drank a 12 pak! Sooo bad!
  15. Brewery

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    MODELO ESPECIAL= We had a six pack that made us so sick (drank only 1/2 can each), I sent the un-opened cans to Az. dept. of health services. They found no bad things in it, yet also qualified it as "old" or "stale". It was the worst commercial beer ever tasted and made us ill. Also= I have drank Modelo in Mexico and it was only mediocre, not a purgative......
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