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  1. If you have the specific name of a wine you want to try, any store can order it for you. It takes a day or two to get the wine. Try this link: http://www.winebow.com/france/producers/kermit_lynch.html
  2. We are also very fortunate to have Olivier Daubressse (Vinifrance, Inc.), Laurent Givry (Elite Wines) , Didier Simonin (Simon N Cellars) , Roy Cloud (Vintage 59) and Jocelyn Cambier in our area, whose names on bottles means tasty wine at good prices.
  3. Stretch, you don't need any help from Rocks. Just keep on being yourself. On another note, there has been no confirmation that Archibald's is still in business. Does eGullet need to send a delegation for confirmation that the 'burgers' are as good as they used to be. ← Ask Lola.
  4. Of course he sells to restaurants. Some of his wines I use: Henri Boillot, Toques et Clochers, Domaine Hamelin, Chauvenet-Chopin, Jayer-Gilles, Bertrand Ambroise, Marc Morey.
  5. That certainly does reflect one popular vision of manhood, gustatory or otherwise! ← Reminds me a lot of that place Archbishop's or whatever it's called over on K Street... ← Archibald's, K street between 15th & 16th, south side of the street, middle of the block. ← That place has been there for years. It was there when I moved here in 1976. The upstairs and downstairs keep changing names. Archibald's is street level.
  6. Many southern Rhone producers did not bottle Chateauneuf du Pape in 2002, selling the wine in bulk or as Cotes du Rhone.
  7. Yes, Bobby Kacher lives in DC. I've known him for 25 years. He's the hardest working man in the business. Look for his Rhone and Burgundy selections in particular.
  8. Ugni Blanc is in Armagnac. Folle Blanche is in Cognac.
  9. Last night, one of them said that Merlot had become the latest "white zinfandel" -- another symbol -- and asked "why can't they make white merlot?" ← Its been done already.
  10. I second that. The book is called "The Great Vintage Wine Book". It has tasting notes on wines back to the 18th century.
  11. A well known California winemaker once told me that merlot is the new white zinfandel. As a result of "Sideways", I think pinot noir is now the new merlot.
  12. I don't believe the State of Virginia allows it.
  13. There is an art to taking reservations so that the business runs smoothly and the tables are maximized. Seating the entire restaurant at 7:30 makes no sense, even if that is what every customer seems to want. It severely stresses the kitchen and the service staff and the diner suffers the consequences.
  14. When I worked at the Watergate Hotel some years ago, I managed to break a magnum of 1934 Clos Fourtet St. Emilion. I actually got down and sniffed the bouquet off the floor.
  15. Joe, The European system is different from ours. The level of service in Michelin 2 and 3 stars is difficult to match here. To completely replicate service and dinner at a 3 star in Paris here in Washington would easily cost $450 a head for the menu.
  16. DCMark wrote: "Tom's system is constrained, with only 4 real ratings." Actually there are 5 if you count "no stars".
  17. The Relentless is a syrah, as far as I know. Not a meritage. I think it is aimed at the Hillside Select drinkers.
  18. Various places to try: -Melrose at the Park Hyatt Hotel has very good food and live dance music on Saturdays. -Blues Alley in Georgetown has 2 shows on Saturday. Most people eat elsewhere in the neighborhood. -Bohemian Caverns on U St. is an old time jazz club. Duke Ellington used to play there. Don't know about the food, but there are a lot of restaurants in the area. -701 Restaurant has a jazz trio and very good moderately priced food in a supper club atmosphere. They are at 701 Pennsylvania Ave. Check the Friday Washington Post Weekend section. There is a very large selection of piano rooms and other entertainment.
  19. The power dining takes place at lunch there.
  20. I stopped in last night after work with friends. Stunning place. We were given a tour of the whole place, including the kitchen. We had a nice conversation with Chef Garg, who was eager to show off his new kitchen. The menu in the lounge downstairs runs till 1AM we were told. We scarfed down a very tasty selection of dosas, lamb chops and some delicious crunchy things. Everyone should stop in and support these guys!
  21. I thought sitting down at the table was peculiar to Outback Steakhouse.
  22. The October issue of Gourmet featured Michel Richard of Michel Richard Citronelle on the cover. Prime time reservations go quickly, so call as soon as you can. In Dupont you might enjoy: Firefly, Johnny's Half Shell, Pesce, Obelisk, Bistrot du Coin, Sette and Nora.
  23. I had a Stilton at the Four Seasons Hotel in DC that had been aged in their cheese cellar for 15 years. It was beyond extraordinary.
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