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  1. Amanda Hesser got the gist of the "awards" right. The WS figured out a way to make an easy $600,000 a year. I stopped taking the WS seriously many years ago when the advertising volume began vastly exceeding the editorial content and dubious corporate owned wines started winning the "Wine of the Year" award. I choose not play their game.
  2. I have purchased wines from the M-B cellar in the past and found them to be in excellent shape. They offer much more than just Palmer. I bought some 1955 Chateau Latour from them last year. The wine is stunning. They also have some 1945 Chateau Mouton Rothschild for a mere $9700 a bottle.
  3. While this is the logical next step in the wine industry, it is nonetheless quite disturbing.
  4. Mark Sommelier

    German rieslings

    Ron, I'm curious how you "know from the label and producer" about the sweetness or dryness of Alsatian rieslings. In my experience, the sweetness has more to do with the vintage than anything else. German rieslings at least give you an indicator on the label. Trocken rieslings are out there, you may have to special order them, though. Personally, I think it is hard to beat an auslese from a great producer in a great year. 2001 and 2002 are both incredible vintages for Germany (2001 in the Mosel, 2002 in the Nahe and Pfalz).
  5. Read your history, you owe him more than you probably think. The same could be said for E&J Gallo, as well. Pink Chablis provided me with my first hangover. The wine list I supervise is built on small production artisan wines, and, as such, has no place for the giant producers. This is not to demean their products, I just don't feel the need to promote them anymore.
  6. I love that store!! I have completely stopped going to Dean & Deluca because of it. Much better fish and meat counters. Better service, too!
  7. Surprisingly enough, the new main terminal at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC has some very good eating and shopping outlets. The last time I flew out, I arrived early expecting a security mess and found myself with an hour and a half to kill. Legal Seafood provided a tasty and well served meal.
  8. I must add this: for those of you who read the link about the insane and wealthy wine collectors/wine merchants who invited Alan Richman along, do you know who Alan Richman is? He writes the restaurant reviews for GQ. He wrote most recently in GQ an article that rocked the food world. It was titled "Bocuse Should Close". He says his last meals at Bocuse sucked, the place looks tired and the chef is too old. He mentions going to Bocuse favorably in the wine article.
  9. Mark Sommelier

    White Shiraz

    Trevor's nickname is Boots. The picture of the boots makes its way on to most of the labels. He has another line of less expensive wines called "Boots". Look for the Trevor Jones bottlings . Look for his dry grown shiraz. The luxury cuvée called "Wild Witch" is worth looking for. It is not cheap, and not easily available.
  10. Wine mixed with Weltschmerz. How droll.
  11. Cat pee, and its derivative, cat piss, are two of my favorites. Other ways to say that a wine stinks include: Foxy Wet dog Compost "Interesting" Sauvage Animale Rustique My all time favorite wine term uttered to me by a salesman: "The wine is COMPELLING".
  12. Mark Sommelier

    Gruner Veltliner

    I had lunch with Terry earlier this week and I told him about eGullet. Perhaps he'll peek in. Who knew you were supposed to age them?
  13. Mark Sommelier

    Gruner Veltliner

    I've never tasted a GV that was 10 years old. I'm not certain they are made to go that distance. You might try contacting Terry Thiese through his importer, Michael Skurnik Wines at http://www.skurnikwines.com . If anyone knows about GVs and ageability it would be Terry.
  14. I went to school in Catholic Austria for a year. It is a sin to put your hand in your lap after you switch your fork over to the other hand. In Europe, hands are always on the table. The "American" way makes no sense. I work in a restaurant. I observe some incredibly bad table manners routinely.
  15. Mark Sommelier


    You got something against Helen Turley, Johnny? Try a bottle of Penfolds 707. That's over-extracted.
  16. Darren, you know that in NY and northern NJ, "capicola" is pronounced: "gabagool". We need Mr. Plotnicki to verify this.
  17. Al Tiramisu is a fun place. For those who don't know, that was the original Galileo space. I wouldn't go there for simple Greek style grilled fish, though. Maybe next door at Pesce.
  18. Dude, both of those wines are worth a lot more than you paid for them right now, especially the Fox Creek.
  19. Black Olive in Baltimore. Its just what you described.
  20. I remember it because I worked at the Watergate from 1984-1991. It closed ages ago.
  21. Hit the elegant lobby bar at the Watergate Hotel. Also close is the Library bar at the Melrose Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave, across the street from Marcels. Circle Bistro bar at One Washington Circle Hotel is comfy, too. All within 2 or 3 blocks of Nectar.
  22. I very much liked the Auxerrois from Josmeyer. Order the tuna appetizer, the soft shells and the pea soup. All of the main courses I tried were exceptional. Don't forget the cheese course!!
  23. David Greggory took over the former Red Tomato/Shelley's West End space at 21st and M, recently. Smart looking space. I went twice. Once at the bar for drinks and appetizers, once for dinner. Had a blast both times. The place is very low key. Excellent rib-eye with lardons. Great crab cake. My friend the chef licked the plate of the rabbit cassoulet. The deviled egg assortment is a must. They have a decent, well priced wine list. The outdoor tables allow you to watch the limos and Ferraris pulling up to Galileo down the street. David Hagedorn and Greggory Hill are two well known local chefs.
  24. I deal quite a bit with Paterno, though mostly for French wines - the domaine estates of Michel Chapoutier and the marvelous Alsatian wines from Josmeyer. They also represent J. Rochioli here locally. I don't think they are involved in telling their suppliers how to make their wine like some other notable importers.
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