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  1. We have a very small kitchen but want to upgrade the appliances, cabinets, counter space. If you guys are comfortable would you share pics of your home kitchen? I am looking for inspiration.
  2. I will say my friends like the lack of luster the copper has after a few years - there is some name for it like patina or something. Two of my friends said with proper care they haven’t had to retin them and they have had them for over 2 years. Another friend had to have it re-tinned after a year but said the company did it fast, inexpensively and they came back beautiful. But I certainly see what you are saying. They are sort of a luxury gift to myself after a hard couple of years. So I do understand they may not be the most practical but that’s my thinking for getting them. But thank you all for the feedback.
  3. Thank you!! A few friends of mine ordered from here and have very positive things to say. But none of us are chefs so I wasn’t sure. Maybe someone can tell me if they have any experience with these. https://www.4momenti.com/collections-navarini-copper/
  4. After a lot of research I found an Italian copper cookware collection I want to buy. I was going to post it here to see if there was anyone who had used them before but didn’t want to violate any rules. Is it better to have you all recommend copper items or companies to me to see if anyone has used it? Or can I share it here?
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    Kid food

    I have to say, I appreciate the long thought out responses. They come as a surprise as I wasn’t really sure what to expect here. Thank you very much.
  6. Attorneymrs

    Kid food

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I make one meal - if they don’t eat it I don’t get mad. But they have to try one mouthful. Then later when they say they are hungry I give them back their food plate. I should add my 4 year old is actually pretty adventurous. I find if we go to the store and I let him do the shopping he eats salad, salmon, shrimp, cauliflower. So I try and respect when he says he hates peppers because I can get him to eat other things. But lately, he wants more and more sweets. So I put it on the side of his plate and he will then eat his food to get dessert. I wonder if that’s setting some bad example. My 1 year old is much pickier then my 4 year old. Hates vegetables and loves starch. My oldest was much better at this age of eating things like spinach. But I am also not a great cook. And in fairness, he will eat more of that stuff in restaurants. Hence why I joined here. Looking for ways to improve my cooking. I should note - I do not have a sense of smell. So I have to go a lot by look and sometimes things are over or under done.
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    Kid food

    Sadly, yes. I can blend them into things like muffins or pancakes. But If I try to blend them into sauces they know and won’t eat it.
  8. Attorneymrs

    Kid food

    I am trying to find new ways to cook interesting meals for picky kids who hate vegetables. I am new to cooking but am really enjoying it. I am looking into a high quality set of copper pieces. Any advice would be appreciated.
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