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  1. Quick and slight deviation - I posted the "snake trout" bonbons a while ago and have since seen his students work. So according to the attached picture it looks as if the mold is sprayed and then the scale pattern is scraped away by hand. Looks like it definitely takes some practice
  2. Add bacon! 🤤😂 I'm just kidding...or am I..
  3. Okay I went ahead and ordered some! Looking forward to experimenting!
  4. That's what I am. Direct alcohol consumption is prohibited. However, when it comes to small amounts in things like cooked food or medicine it becomes more of a personal choice.
  5. I was impressed by the sheer volume of product they had, but never saw many reviews. It sounds like it might be worth it. It's a shame shipping is such a beast.
  6. Anyone familiar with the Amoretti brand flavorings? Just curious if the pricing is reflective of the quality.
  7. Made this riff on King Cake for Fat Tuesday. My kids loved the sprinkles, me not so much 😂
  8. Edited: I totally misread this. I thought they'd cracked after freezing. Sorry I'm wondering the same thing!
  9. What kind of chips are we talking here?
  10. I'm almost certain that's what heaven is supposed to be like.
  11. You guys are all incredibly helpful. I'm really grateful. I think it has to be a hobby for now since I dont know what in the world I'm doing. I just really want to give my family chocolates at Christmas time. 🎄 It would be really nice to do for work. Our cottage laws in Utah just got changed to be a lot less rigid. It would be very possible for me to sell at farmers markets and street fairs just with stuff made at home. But I need to make sure I can actually do it first! I'm not bad at caramels or fudge, but I've yet to ever try tempering. What's really getting me is the chocolate. I got some callebaut because it seemed to be pretty common, but the price is taking the fun out of it. I feel like I can't mess up or make mistakes. I delved a little into the packaging costs and to get what I would want is outrageous. I've read several of the threads here and that seems to be the norm. Has anyone used Bell Printers before? They're based in India (I think) and I just love their designs. So it looks like I'll need: More Chocolate Molds Heating pad Thermometer Maybe one kind of the colored cocoa butter And some will power I think I've got everything else Wish me luck? 😁🎉
  12. No, none. Its not one of my talents. I went and loaded up my tiny online shopping cart on several sites before realizing what I was doing. And yes, I have been reading about the EZtemper..... Must....have....
  13. So I seem to be doing the thing where the more I find out and learn about chocolate the more I realize I don't know. I'm wondering how little I can get away with spending in the very beginning. My husband is back in school and I'm wondering if chocolate experimenting is even feasible right now or if its something I should wait on. I figure I can practice tempering and molding at a low cost, but from there does it get steep?
  14. @teonzo thank you so much, that list is extremely helpful! @Kerry Beal purchasing all the liqueurs would also be a barrier Haha. $$ and kitchen space are a problem 😅 I didn't even think about a disulfiram reaction. 🤦‍♀️
  15. Oh cool! Maybe I'll be able to connect with them 😀
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