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  1. Transit98

    Exploding garlic clove

    That gif is insane
  2. Transit98

    The All All-Clad Cookware Topic

    All-Clad non-stick works well. I have the All-Clad 4 space waffle maker with non-stick parts - the batter has never stuck and I never had to butter the grittle. I was surprised just how well the thing works and clean up is me wetting a paper towel and going over the grittle when done. And I put chocolate chips ontop of the batter once I pour it in - the 1 or 2 chips left come off very easily. I also have the All-Clad pancake grittle for the top of the stove that is non-stick. Works great and I've had it for 5 years.
  3. Transit98

    DARTO pans

    Anyone pick up the n.27 4mm SE? That sucker is like 6.5 pounds, would love to hear about your experience with it. Also any one have a 25, 23 for sale, I'm in NJ.