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  1. Pants404

    DARTO pans

    After asking about future projects via email I got a response stating that there should be a Sautee no.30 possibly becoming available next year
  2. My name is Corey, and I am a bread Baker for a small Italian bakery in South Australia. I came across this place looking for opinions on solidteknics cookware, but ended up ordering Darto instead. I'm rather enthusiastic about toys that require a bit of care, so there may be a few cast iron skillets and hand forged Japanese knives around the place. Being in South Australia, which arguably has one of the best wine regions in the world, I am becoming engrossed in Shiraz and other local red wines. Another world I'm falling deeply into is that of Chinese teas, but preparing them in a watered down gongfu style. This has lead me to form a modest collection of yixing pots. Unfortunately I feel considerably isolated with this as nobody else I know shares the interest with me here. I have spent a fair deal of time going through these forums and it looks like a great community. Being active on forums isn't my strong point, but we will see how it go. Hopefully I will begin contributing
  3. Pants404

    Lunch 2019

    My partner and I visited Morocco this time last year. Whilst in the Medina in Fez we stopped by one of these stalls for lunch. We had the same guy grilling our food in the tiny space. The atmosphere was almost as great as the food.
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