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  1. Would absolutely recommend Strawberry’s if you’re in the area. Concur that pork steak is awesome. Also recommend the ribs, which i normally order dry then add sauce.
  2. Really looking forward to see what you do with these ingredients.
  3. Good luck on sourcing the sorghum. It was always a bit intense for my taste, but I remember my grandfather would put some on a plate, combine it with butter and eat it with biscuits.
  4. I am absolutely fascinated by this entire thread. I was raised in NE Arkansas, attended college and law school in NW Arkansas and have lived and worked most of my life in the Ozarks. My wife and I and are now retired and still live here. When I was a young man, my father and I would have dinner (lunch) with my great aunt and uncle every Saturday. Dad was fond of wilted lettuce which was hot bacon grease poured over lettuce. We would often have squirrel and dumplings, roast duck, deer chili or summer sausage. As far as veggies, most were fresh from the garden or home canned, including gree
  5. New guy here. I’m looking forward to participating in the forums and have learned a lot from just browsing. I don’t have any connection to the restaurant business other than as a customer. I would say that the best meal I ever had was at Charley Trotters in Chicago, my favorite restaurants are Commanders Palace in NOLA and Husk in Charleston. My wife and I are both fairly recently retired, and are looking forward to spending some time together in the kitchen. Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me.
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