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  1. Found this picture on the web. Interesting to see cut-what-you-want pate de fruits at a French market!
  2. Thanks for all the recipes! Have a batch of mango cooling down now - this time only with 1 T of lemon juice. Compared to the strawberry that boiled to a nice volume to allow the candy thermometer to reach deeper into the liquid, the mango this time got thick very fast and never really boiled up in volume. You could almost pick it up with your whisk when it was close to the 238F temp! But the liquid pectin was able to soften it up a bit, and then the lemon juice. Hope they turn out well Also ordered the yellow pectin, glucose liquid to try the Boiron recipes shortly and will post my experiments. Also ordered a cheap refractometer! If these Greweling’s C&C at Home PDFs work well, what is the reason to go for the more difficult Boiron recipes?
  3. It seems that after a couple of days of initial sweating, everything has stopped now after a fresh coating of sugar. Hope it lasts! Will be trying another batch of mango today, following the instructions exactly and will go to 238F this time. Another issue I find with this recipe is that it just calls for 2 cups fruit puree. But with the Boiron and other recipes, each recipe changes depending on fruit chosen. Why is it that any fruit can be used in Greweling's recipe without changing anything else?
  4. Thanks! I haven't managed to find the exact recipe Grewelings teaches. There are quite a few recipes out there but they are a bit different. I did find a recipe that called for 1 T Lemon juice - but that was for 1 cup of puree, not the 2 that I am using. By adding in a liquid (pectin) at the end, do you believe this will affect shelf life? Since we are adding in more liquid? I tried another batch of mango this time, and put the liquid pectin in a lot earlier than instructed. It gelled (sp?) into a thick mess way too early and the whole thing lost a lot of volume. Who am I to think I can just make up order of operations??
  5. Thanks! Looks like a great little shop that may be worth an outing I'm down by Union station. If it is just firmer than Jam, then I think I have achieved that. Now to work on the sweating. I posted some pics to show that they were a bit wet to be honest. I'm going to try adding in the liquid pectin and cook it all up to the correct 235F degrees this time. I think the short 1 minute boil of the liquid pectin is not enough since we are adding quite a bit of liquid with the two packs at the end (170ml total solution of liquid pectin) But I'm just guessing haha...
  6. This is what they look like today, after air drying for a day. The sweats!! Grrrrr... Recipe: 2 cups puree (~550g) (I used frozen strawberries, unstrained, with 10% sugar added) 3 cups sugar (675g) 2 - 3oz packs of Certo Liquid Pectin 2 Tablespoons of Lemon juice Heat puree to 140 F Add sugar and heat to 235 F Add liquid pectin and boil for 1 minute Take off heat, add lemon juic Cast in pan
  7. With blisters on my feet and locked joints, I finally have accomplished something that resembles pate de fruits with grocery store ingredients! I followed this great post here that uses Certo liquid pectin. Last week I tried my hardest using Certo "Light" crystals. I added this stuff in right after the puree like the boiron recipe, but everything got super thick quickly and the puree/sugar was splattering everywhere. I suspect that the pectin was setting too quickly since this is not the slow setting pectin that we are supposed to use. The liquid pectin recipe seems to add the pectin at the end - after the sugar temp has reached the final temp (111C) - and boiled for only a minute. There is also ~30ml of lemon juice. Am I correct to assume that after temperature is achieved, that by adding the liquid pectin and only boiling for 1 minute, totally messes this up, cause the sweating that I am experiencing on day 2, and shorten shelf life? I need to get a refractometer... The worry from the Certo crystals was that the pectin was going to set too quickly. This picture is when they were JUST coated with sugar.
  8. Ok! Will do, I did email them but this is even better. Thank you! That is so nice of you, but don't worry, I feel like I am getting closer to sourcing the right stuff! Do you make and sell PDF's by the way for people to buy? I'm having a hard time finding any PDFs in Toronto so that I can see what commercial products feel like texture wise. Can't find any... From the best test batch I finally accomplished, I find their texture to be basically like a set jam that breaks apart in your mouth, with non-existent bite/chew? Does this make sense? The pictures make them look a lot denser that what I made.
  9. Thanks and also thank you to the other Canadians who offered some help. I have checked out sites like l'epicerie but the shipping also killed it. Also, how does one order from Signature? I have found someone saying they used this one: Modernist Pantry slow set HM pectin they are also in the States but for 2lbs, shipping is $16 via First Class mail which is not bad... but it does say that it is standardized with dextrose. Honestly, most apple pectins I have found all say they have some sort of sugar in them. Is this just how it is? Do the Boiron recipes call for 100% pectin?
  10. @Kerry Beal Hi Kerry! I am located in Toronto. There are two apple pectins at qualifirst. I'm guessing we should forget about the citrus versions? 1) https://www.qualifirst.com/en/pectin-apple-powder-1kg-royal-command - High Methoxyl Pectin E 440i - Citrus - Sucrose - Sodium - Potassium - Calcium 2) https://www.qualifirst.com/en/pectin-apple-powder-454g-cuisine-tech - Amidated, lowmethylester Citrus Pectin E 440 - Sodium Citrate - Calcium Citrate - Dextrose The ingredients added are what the email support people at Qualifirst gave me. Which I then said that must be wrong because they gave me ingredient lists that include citrus. They responded and said they confirmed they are both apple, but didn't provide a new ingredient list. It seems like the Royal command Apple pectin might be the one, but it isn't 100% pectin and has sugar, calcium, etc. Thanks
  11. @Kerry Beal Hi there, I have been really enjoying all the tips and tricks that you have shared throughout both the PDF threads. Quite an amazing little resource you got here! Even better that the information is quite current. I haven't been having much luck with the Certo grocery store pectin. Probably because it isn't pure pectin, and has some acid in there (Fumaric Acid). It also has some sugar and is why I went for the "Light" version of Certo in hopes that it would have more Pectin and less sugar... I have been using the Borion recipes with homemade puree (10% sugar added after straining) Basically it is too sticky and not setting. Perhaps it's the pectin. Have been having a really hard time finding the correct pectin in Canada. Have any ideas? Qualifirst.com has some options but the information on site is not accurate. When these apple/yellow pectins sell for $80/lb + shipping, I'm worried about buying the wrong type. Thanks Kerry