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  1. JosephB

    Steven Shaw

    I regret that this ocassion is the reason for my first post in a long time. I am stunned and saddend at the sudden passing of Steven. I will always remember the fun times we spent together cooking and eating with our families and friends, and think about the special and enduring relationships that I formed because of Steven and eGullet. Deepest condolensces to Ellen and PJ.
  2. We're in Manhattan, but get down to Miami with some frequency. I just wanted to add that I agree that Hiro's Yakko-San in North Miami Beach (very convenient to Hollywood) is excellent, and very completely local, and always busy. I also think Francesco, in beautiful Coral Gables, is superb, though a bit pricey. My everyday place for Peruvian ceviche, arroz con mariscos and parihuela is Chalan. I also love Garcia's on the Miami River for stone crabs and grilled whole fish. Get a table right on the river-- very casual and local. Finally, on a recent visit, 18 of us dined at Creek 28, and di
  3. Try Jean Georges's recipe in Cooking at Home. It's is very refined. He starts with a mushroom broth made from a few pounds of mushroooms, some shallots and thyme, which are sauteed, boiled and strained (further reduction gives you mushroom syrup). The dish is finished with sauteed shitake, soy sauce, sherry, hazelnut oil, and toasted bread crumbs. Superb.
  4. No doubt, the best of docsconz is yet to come.
  5. I see on the Fra' Mani website that they make "salametto piccante," which is "Spanished-influenced chorizo."
  6. I recall that the deli slices five different Fra' Mani salumi: mortadella (the newest item), salametto, salame Toscano, salame Gentile, soppressata. Though I think the soppressata may have been discontinued. I've never seen the chorizo. Are you sure Paul Bertoli is making chorizo? I thought he made only Italian salumi.
  7. It's curious that Chambers Street Wines was omitted from the list, because it not only espouses the Slow philosophy, it runs a regular ad in Slow Food's newsletter, the Snail.
  8. I picked up a liter (33.8oz) of the Frantoia on Sunday for $15.99 at Fairway in New York City. It's excellent. ← When I read that you paid $15.99 for Frantoia at Fairway I was skeptical, but anxious to get in on the bargain. I'm looking at a bottle of M. Barbera & Figli, 1 Liter purchased today for $20.99. I think that's been the price for a while because I noted over the summer that Fresh Direct's price ($19.99) was better. Maybe you bought a different brand. Or maybe there was a one day sale when you went -- unlikely.
  9. I presume I received the e-mail below because I'm technically a FD customer, even though I've only placed one order since signing-up two years ago. Or maybe it's because I recently complained to CB 7 about FD's idling trucks in front of my building. In any event, I applaud the environmentally friendly steps they're taking. I may even order some items from them when they finally get rid of those pesky boxes. ******************************************************************** October 1, 2007 Dear Joseph, At FreshDirect, we've always been proud to be a homegrown NYC business. With that thou
  10. Jean-Georges fans may be interested to know that he's started a blog, presumably to promote his forthcoming book. It's worth noting that in one of his posts he mentions that he no longer works weekends, so don't make a Sat. reservation if you hope to find him in the kitchen.
  11. Somehow, "storage apples" sold at a Farmer's Market just doesn't cut it for me. I want homegrown, as-close-to-picked as possible. Isn't that the theory of a Farmers Market? ← Agreed. This apple business has always rubbed me the wrong way. Someone (a farmer) once told me that the apples are sometimes THREE YEARS OLD. I can't pass by them without thinking about that. Union Square Market is, I think, NYC's biggest and best farmer's market. For that reason, its praises are sung over and over and over. It's a good thing to be skeptical of what the press tells us. ← There are numerous
  12. The lemon sorbetto on brioche at Otto for $3.75 is one of the City's great values. It's disappointing that Grom doesn't offer brioche.
  13. A few years ago I went on a quest to find fresh masa in NYC, without success. I was teaching myself Mexican cooking from Diana Kennedy's early books, and was determined to do everything the hard way, except make masa. I seriously doubt you'd find anyone making fresh masa commercially in nyc. It may be worth inquiring at some Mexican restaurants. La Palapa may be a good place to start, because the two women who opened that restaurant always claimed to be devotees of Kennedy, and her strict adherence to starting from scratch.
  14. We passed by Saturday shortly before 11:00 am on our way to the park, with no expectation that we'd get even close to tasting the ice cream. To our surprise, once the doors opened the line moved swiftly. We waited five minutes in line and were rewarded with a delicious product. Coconut and Equadorean extranoir chocolate made a great combination -- our favorite. The flavor of the month, Luna Rossa, was strawberries and cream, which was excellent. We also tried the gianduia and pistachio. Both nut ice creams are very good, but don't compare to the best nut ice creams in Sicily. There, the
  15. Looking for a bargain? Not intimidated by long lines? GROM's giving away cups of gelato on Saturday, May 5th.
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