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  1. The Callebaut salesperson said that the taste is much fuller and stronger. Also going by many reviews, many others feel the same. But I will know when it arrives!!! It just happens to be darker, but supposedly stronger too. I just wish there was a smaller amount than a $20 bag, to experiment with.
  2. I was talking to a sales rep at Callebaut yesterday and he told me that the Brute is very different than the original Callebaut cocoa. The extra Brute is much darker in color and has a fuller and deeper flavor. It is completely different product. Extra Brute is made by Barry and the other by Callebaut. The companies merged under the umbrella of Barry-Callebaut, but each one continues to make their individual products. I just bought Bendsdorp which is manufactured by Callebaut. The rep said it is a higher quality cocoa, than the original Callebaut. Bendsdorp is almost as good as Valrhona or Pernigotti. I am not tin a rush to try the regular Callebaut, if Bendsdorp is better, and it's still not my favorite. I am am about to order to Extra Brute and am very anxious to try it. I will report back then.