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  1. Same here, if I add alcohol, even cooked I label. I've always considered people in recovery. My late BIL was 35 years sober. Didn't think much about religion.
  2. mome23

    Teal Hearts

    Nope, not at all and thanks.
  3. Ovarian Cancer Awareness hearts. Teal Hearts with chocolate ganache. These are much shinier in person.
  4. My name is Mary Lynn. I joined a while ago but have not visited often. I began dabbling in chocolate two years ago. My oldest son bought home truffles his boss made. He kept raving about them...they were so amazing....so naturally, I had to outdo her. And that is how it started. At first there were silicone molds and candy melts. Before I knew it there were polycarbonate chocolate molds, bags of couveture chocolate (dark, milk and white) colored cocoa butter, a tempering machine and an airbrush in my life. First photo my first attempt, second about eight months later. The last is my most recent pieces. Self taught, Forums, books and You Tube, no formal classes as of yet. Love it as a hobby, not sure if this will be my retirement business or not.
  5. Where did you get the mould for the blue squares you created? Love that shape.

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