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  1. maybe the chefs at the capital were busy doing their jobs and making sure she didn"t fuck up ,or maybe they didn"t have time to all seat around a table to have a nice cup of tea ,a few biscuits, and speak about paranoia and all the problems that comes with it
  2. aren"t we missing the point here?a burger is all about the perfect beef,bap,tomatoand sauces,why trying to bastardise it? too many black truffles can be overpowering and in the "burger"i bet they are the only thing you can taste .i think this is such nonsense that even if that was a joke ,i wouldn"t think its funny,this is material for "foodies" who haven t got a clue what they are speaking about.
  3. hi moby(anything to do with? ), i live in london ,but spend a lot of time travelling around england to eat out.i specially like the cotswolds , i have been as far as gidleigh park in the past but as that was a real waste of money,i save myself time and trouble and usually stick around the midlands. if you are thinking of visiting cheltenham ,i recommend you stay at the greenway .
  4. I went for lunch at the Campignon Sauvage yesterday and was once again very impressed with their lunch deal. I went for the crab risotto with sweetcorn veloute(frothed up as a cappuccino), the pork with black pudding, soured cabbage and sage jus and the sublime marjolaine with tonca bean ice cream. I was amazed by how well the sweet corn went with the crab even though "amaze " is probably not the word to use, as David Everitt Matthias always surprises you with unusual combinations. I was told that the black pudding with my pork had just been made the day before and it was to die for!! It was
  5. great article andy,or shall i say at last somebody did a review on them? i have had the luck to visit the champignon sauvage twice ,and both times it was outstanding!!!wich leeds to the question :why is it we dont hear much about the place?is it that they dont have a p.r or maybe they do but not a good one ,or peaple need to get out of london more?
  6. yes!!!!!!!!!it"s good to see somebody knows about real cooking the greek.i am surprised not even basildog got that!! that"ll be your turn !
  7. i hope i get more reply than you did "greek": feuillantine of dublin bay prawns tails and sesame seeds with a curry sauce best end of lozere roast lamb in garlic nougatine fine tart sable chocolate biscuit,vanilla ice cream, enjoy
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    i went to new york a couple of weeks ago on a vacation and tryed quiet a thew restaurant and i would really like to know what the fuss wd 50 is about? i thaught th service was average ,the food was ok but i dont rate it that much. the only "working" dish was the scallops ,th foie gras with anchovies just didnt do it,all i could get was the tate of vinegary anchovy, then eventually the foie gras ,it was impossible to get any bread to go with it. i could go on about th main courses but my bad experience wont do any good. if you want my advice and enjoy real flavours and no trendy powders ,pr
  9. my son did a stage there a thew month ago an he really liked it,the only thing he was concerned about ,was the chef"s attitude.in his kitchen you will be expected to communicate only in spanish ,have no facial hair of any kind ,no tatoo,and nearly no break!!they gave my son such a hard time because of his little goatie!now,i dont know anything about work in a kitchen ,but this is ridiculous!
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