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  1. If I've got the right video, I think that 'chicken' is supposed to be a turkey and there is a brief shot of the turkey in the big regular oven as they are taking the mushrooms or stuffing out of the Sharp.  The stuffing appears to be the maximum height that the oven would allow. Six cup muffin tin being the width. 



    I do like the corporate sales speak "pizzeria style oven". 😲

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  2. I admit I don't use it as much as I should. 


    Dry beans

    Soup both chicken and vegetable

    My mother's version of "gravy" aka pasta sauce

    the one oddity is pressure steamed citrus - clementines, mandarins, blood oranges for Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Orange cake. (I just don't have the patience to boil them for a couple of hours but do love the cake.)

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  3. I can't help with the manual, but the Gaggia site does have other manual espresso machines. And from glancing at those I hope you also got a piece that would look like a handle with a scoop that will twist onto the black gasket under the overhang of the machine. It probably also has a metal filter that fits in that scoop to hold the coffee. 


    Gaggia page with accessories that shows the filter holder.  I think looking around that site you might find something similar where you could use the manual to get an idea of how to use the machine. Scrolling down the page of the Gran Gaggia Deluxe I did find a link to download that manual. Just a thought. 

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  4. 15 hours ago, Toliver said:



    "Brother Jimmy's BBQ: More Than 100 Recipes for Pork, Beef, Chicken, & the Essential Southern Sides" Kindle Edition $2.99US

    The author is the owner of Brother Jimmy's BBQ in NY. Negative reviews say the recipes are not all related to southern BBQ.

    Also, 100 recipes is a little skimpy, IMHO.




    BBQ in NY is a very mixed bag, some really good, some okay, and much a waste of good meat. Understand that I have no expertise in 'southern', I go for want to lick my fingers and if I were home lick the plate tasty.Having eaten at Brother Jimmy's...once... I left much behind on the plate.  $2.99 is $2.99 too much.

  5. On 12/14/2018 at 12:19 PM, Toliver said:

    I've been keeping an eye on that one, hoping it will, eventually, go on sale.


    It will. I have it. I don't remember if it was 1.99 or 2.99, but it wasn't more than that. I have a running list in my head of books I paid more than four dollars for because it is rare I haven't seen them on sale afterword. The one I have never seen on sale is "The Cake Bible". I would love to have that one in electronic format. But I'm hanging in there waiting. 😉

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  6. Thanks, linda! I also got the Microplane ginger grater. Hurrah!


    Also today only, Sur la table has free shipping on all orders with the code VOTE18. So obviously if there is something small and less expensive than the free shipping minimums which you want perhaps check William Sonoma first and if they don't have it, you can try Sur la table



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  7. Tolliver,


    Thanks so much for your postings.  I find that Amazon often has something for a day or maybe hours. I missed the ATK Bread book (yeah, I would have gone there), but that is not your fault. 


    Here's the thing, I prowl their book listings. Often I have found those you have listed. Often I have not. Sometimes something will interest me that perhaps not interest you. You help me out. I truly feel that enabling others to fuel their relatively safe in the scheme things cookbook addiction as cheaply as possible is a boon and a mitzvah and a kindness to be appreciated. 


    You are appreciated, and I am grateful. Broker, but grateful. 😉

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  8. I'm a sucker for cookie cookbooks, and I'm building my slow cooker and multi-cooker (aka pressure cooker) library. So I went for those despite likely having versions of recipes before, even if not from ATK. But I don't know if I would have sprung for any if I had more of their 'comprehensive' or season cookbooks. 



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  9. For some reason some of America's Test Kitchens books appear to be on sale today. No idea why, not only the upcoming release nudge to get more reviews on previous cookbooks makes much sense. Just happening...


    The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook    $3.99

    The Complete Slow Cooker        $2.99

    The Perfect Cookie      $3.99

    Cooking at Home with Bridget and Julia  $3.99

    The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook  $3.99

    Multi cooker Perfection       $2.99


    There is a Vegan cookbook and a Holiday cookbook and possibly even more. 

  10. FYI Costco online has the CSO for $249.99 for members. They say the version is CSO-300PC-1PK.  The photo looks like the early C300 with only the two big buttons (Light & Start/Cancel), but the video is for the later model with the steam clean AND one of the reviews from a year ago confirms it is the later model. 


    Just saying that for those that need a back up... 

  11. 19 hours ago, Toliver said:


    Lidia Matticchio Bastianich's "Lidia's Favorite Recipes: 100 Foolproof Italian Dishes, from Basic Sauces to Irresistible Entrées" [Kindle Edition] Kindle Edition $2.99US

    I was bemoaning (to myself) that ever since I bought that one Lidia cookbook that was sort of on sale (but not bargain-priced) that Amazon kept showing me more and more of her titles that were nowhere near sale-priced. Then I saw this title today and quickly posted here it lest it go away all too quickly.


    Still on sale and now MINE!


    Thanks, Toliver. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Toliver said:

    As I noted in my post, there are three Magnolia Kindle cookbooks currently on sale. I noted that some reviewers of those books complained they were basically the same book with some recipe swap-outs. Buyer Beware, I guess.


    I apologize, some of it was not reading carefully enough, some being gobsmacked by how much is on sale, and I did think the Magnolia was illustrative. I also managed to list two that were in cdh's list as well.  I really just wanted others to know to check the Amazon recommendations, 'what others have bought' lists. Even being repetitive, there is still more out there. There are additional Bittman cookbacks on sale, at least one Giada DeLaurentiis cookbook, an additional book from Stanley Tucci, a couple of Moosewood cookbooks, Martha Holmberg's book on sauces, Flour by Joanne Chang, Gjelina.... Many I know have been on sale before, some new to me, but it is a lot even for Amazon. 

  13. Fire sale is right. I suggest everyone look at the other book suggestions if they check anything out. For instance there are several Magnolia Bakery books on sale: 


    The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook: Old Fashioned Recipes From New Yorks Sweetest Bakery for $.99

    More From Magnolia for $.99


    Also from another page: 


    On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen Revised, Updated Edition $1.99

    MEAT: Everything You Need to Know by Pat LaFrieda $.99 


  14. Quote

     So long as you know that once you cancel you will no longer have access to any of those books!   Just saying.



    Yeah, but you will probably know which are keepers AND purchasing those will still probably be cheaper than a few months of the unlimited subscription. IOW, I pulled the trigger on that as well and consider it a try and buy program. 🙂

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  15. Since I just jawed Amazon customer service into giving me the full Prime Day discount (thanks rotuts!), the Anova may have just won because of price and the ability to use it without pulling out a phone, etc. 


    As for the Joule,  my largest pots are cast iron, with and without enamel coating so magnetic attachment is not a problem. Obviously if I move into the cooler or rubbermaid container it would be an issue, but as a newbie it is the cast iron for now. This may be one where I handle the items before returning, including how to store. 


    And I get what Anna N is saying about Prime Day. If I hadn't planned on looking for a sous vide, I probably would have made do with the Whole Foods promotion. The crash, plus trying to figure out what is on sale has largely made it a pain. 



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  16. Okay folks, I need some advice. I got an Anova 800 watt blue tooth sous vide. Unfortunately I went for an early supposed prime deal so I didn't get the best deal and spent a little more than a hundred. I also decided to hedge my bets once prime day started and ordered a Joule 1100 watt  for the Prime price of $130.  Yes, the ease of Amazon returns were a big factor in this. 

    From what I have seen from my search of the site there is great affection for both the Anovas and the Joules on this site. Meanwhile Joule has largely been winning the ratings in other sites but only by a smudge. Being a sous vide novice, Joule's biggest appeal is the size (storage would be easier) and the sealed case after reading about some of the steam issues with the Anova. The Anova's biggest appeal is the ability to forgo apps to set the device.  As the price difference is only about twenty dollars it is largely a toss up.  I'm really interested in opinions on ease of use and longevity from those familiar with them. 


    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

  17. On that quality video level you might look into some of the Go Pros out there. I know that at least one can go underwater for about 30 feet, capable of handling extreme conditions and has wireless capability. The Hero+ iirc.  But that is several hundred dollars and would be overkill if all that the camera is being used for is checking on things from a distance... 

  18. I fully admit I have a kindle cookbook addiction. 


    I tend to go through the kindle recommendations every couple of days. And I must admit I have concluded that if I wait long enough cookbooks I am interested in will be at that nearly irresistible pricing level with very few exceptions. Recently though  I have seen a few 'recommended' cookbooks that had been priced in the twelve to eighteen dollar range listed for $6.99, $7.99, $8.99 instead.


    Anyone else seeing this? I'm wondering if after using these price cuts to increase sales and/or get reviews, publishers including Amazon are now looking for a higher pricing sweet spot for this. Mind you it could just be that I've exhausted their generosity with my full cloud library and I will just have to be more discerning going forward. And much as that would be good for my budget, it would make me sad if I didn't get to binge on cookbooks. 

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  19. 1 hour ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    I picked this up with PrimeReading for free.  Can anyone explain to me how PrimeReading works?  Do the books expire?



    There are two ways to borrow books with Prime. One, the Prime lending library, lets you borrow one book per month and only one book at a time. There are not many cookbooks there that I have noticed, but a fair number of craft/gardening/amazon published fiction do seem to show up as this. 


    Prime reading, OTOH, allows you to have a number of items at a time. I believe it is ten. You can keep them as long as you want while you are still a prime member. This is only important because some of the items you are allowed to 'borrow' are magazines issues, which are difficult to replace if they no longer exist in your library. What will happen while you are a prime member is that you can happily get the items until you reach the limit at which point  you will be informed you need to return an item before you can get the newest prime reading item you were interested in. And they will get you to the place where you can pick among your  prime reading items to do this if you want to return something. 

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