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  1. Wow, those look amazing. And really yummy!
  2. No need to apologize, Tolliver. Prices at Amazon are always a fluid thing. I just appreciate the head's up.
  3. Missed it. Now $11.99 in the US.
  4. If Tolliver listed this in the past my apologies, but this popped up in my feed: Mediterranean Harvest by Martha Rose Shulman I don't know about this particular book, but quite a few years ago her Mediterranean Light provided me a few go-to recipes that I still make.
  5. If I've got the right video, I think that 'chicken' is supposed to be a turkey and there is a brief shot of the turkey in the big regular oven as they are taking the mushrooms or stuffing out of the Sharp. The stuffing appears to be the maximum height that the oven would allow. Six cup muffin tin being the width. I do like the corporate sales speak "pizzeria style oven". 😲
  6. I admit I don't use it as much as I should. Dry beans Soup both chicken and vegetable My mother's version of "gravy" aka pasta sauce the one oddity is pressure steamed citrus - clementines, mandarins, blood oranges for Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Orange cake. (I just don't have the patience to boil them for a couple of hours but do love the cake.)
  7. I can't help with the manual, but the Gaggia site does have other manual espresso machines. And from glancing at those I hope you also got a piece that would look like a handle with a scoop that will twist onto the black gasket under the overhang of the machine. It probably also has a metal filter that fits in that scoop to hold the coffee. Gaggia page with accessories that shows the filter holder. I think looking around that site you might find something similar where you could use the manual to get an idea of how to use the machine. Scrolling down the page of the Gran Gaggia De
  8. BBQ in NY is a very mixed bag, some really good, some okay, and much a waste of good meat. Understand that I have no expertise in 'southern', I go for want to lick my fingers and if I were home lick the plate tasty.Having eaten at Brother Jimmy's...once... I left much behind on the plate. $2.99 is $2.99 too much.
  9. It will. I have it. I don't remember if it was 1.99 or 2.99, but it wasn't more than that. I have a running list in my head of books I paid more than four dollars for because it is rare I haven't seen them on sale afterword. The one I have never seen on sale is "The Cake Bible". I would love to have that one in electronic format. But I'm hanging in there waiting. 😉
  10. Thanks, linda! I also got the Microplane ginger grater. Hurrah! Also today only, Sur la table has free shipping on all orders with the code VOTE18. So obviously if there is something small and less expensive than the free shipping minimums which you want perhaps check William Sonoma first and if they don't have it, you can try Sur la table
  11. Tolliver, Thanks so much for your postings. I find that Amazon often has something for a day or maybe hours. I missed the ATK Bread book (yeah, I would have gone there), but that is not your fault. Here's the thing, I prowl their book listings. Often I have found those you have listed. Often I have not. Sometimes something will interest me that perhaps not interest you. You help me out. I truly feel that enabling others to fuel their relatively safe in the scheme things cookbook addiction as cheaply as possible is a boon and a mitzvah and a kindness to be appreciated.
  12. I'm a sucker for cookie cookbooks, and I'm building my slow cooker and multi-cooker (aka pressure cooker) library. So I went for those despite likely having versions of recipes before, even if not from ATK. But I don't know if I would have sprung for any if I had more of their 'comprehensive' or season cookbooks.
  13. For some reason some of America's Test Kitchens books appear to be on sale today. No idea why, not only the upcoming release nudge to get more reviews on previous cookbooks makes much sense. Just happening... The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook $3.99 The Complete Slow Cooker $2.99 The Perfect Cookie $3.99 Cooking at Home with Bridget and Julia $3.99 The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook $3.99 Multi cooker Perfection $2.99 There is a Vegan cookbook and a Holiday cookbook and possibly even more.
  14. FYI Costco online has the CSO for $249.99 for members. They say the version is CSO-300PC-1PK. The photo looks like the early C300 with only the two big buttons (Light & Start/Cancel), but the video is for the later model with the steam clean AND one of the reviews from a year ago confirms it is the later model. Just saying that for those that need a back up...
  15. Still on sale and now MINE! Thanks, Toliver.
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