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  1. thurbers

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Since I just jawed Amazon customer service into giving me the full Prime Day discount (thanks rotuts!), the Anova may have just won because of price and the ability to use it without pulling out a phone, etc. As for the Joule, my largest pots are cast iron, with and without enamel coating so magnetic attachment is not a problem. Obviously if I move into the cooler or rubbermaid container it would be an issue, but as a newbie it is the cast iron for now. This may be one where I handle the items before returning, including how to store. And I get what Anna N is saying about Prime Day. If I hadn't planned on looking for a sous vide, I probably would have made do with the Whole Foods promotion. The crash, plus trying to figure out what is on sale has largely made it a pain.
  2. thurbers

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Okay folks, I need some advice. I got an Anova 800 watt blue tooth sous vide. Unfortunately I went for an early supposed prime deal so I didn't get the best deal and spent a little more than a hundred. I also decided to hedge my bets once prime day started and ordered a Joule 1100 watt for the Prime price of $130. Yes, the ease of Amazon returns were a big factor in this. From what I have seen from my search of the site there is great affection for both the Anovas and the Joules on this site. Meanwhile Joule has largely been winning the ratings in other sites but only by a smudge. Being a sous vide novice, Joule's biggest appeal is the size (storage would be easier) and the sealed case after reading about some of the steam issues with the Anova. The Anova's biggest appeal is the ability to forgo apps to set the device. As the price difference is only about twenty dollars it is largely a toss up. I'm really interested in opinions on ease of use and longevity from those familiar with them. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I seem to remember that you wanted the lid as well. If you added the cheapest lid with prime international free shipping would you hit the $49 level for free shipping? Although if it is too expensive that just leaves water in the pan as well...
  4. thurbers

    Wireless over stove camera?

    On that quality video level you might look into some of the Go Pros out there. I know that at least one can go underwater for about 30 feet, capable of handling extreme conditions and has wireless capability. The Hero+ iirc. But that is several hundred dollars and would be overkill if all that the camera is being used for is checking on things from a distance...
  5. thurbers

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    I fully admit I have a kindle cookbook addiction. I tend to go through the kindle recommendations every couple of days. And I must admit I have concluded that if I wait long enough cookbooks I am interested in will be at that nearly irresistible pricing level with very few exceptions. Recently though I have seen a few 'recommended' cookbooks that had been priced in the twelve to eighteen dollar range listed for $6.99, $7.99, $8.99 instead. Anyone else seeing this? I'm wondering if after using these price cuts to increase sales and/or get reviews, publishers including Amazon are now looking for a higher pricing sweet spot for this. Mind you it could just be that I've exhausted their generosity with my full cloud library and I will just have to be more discerning going forward. And much as that would be good for my budget, it would make me sad if I didn't get to binge on cookbooks.
  6. thurbers

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    There are two ways to borrow books with Prime. One, the Prime lending library, lets you borrow one book per month and only one book at a time. There are not many cookbooks there that I have noticed, but a fair number of craft/gardening/amazon published fiction do seem to show up as this. Prime reading, OTOH, allows you to have a number of items at a time. I believe it is ten. You can keep them as long as you want while you are still a prime member. This is only important because some of the items you are allowed to 'borrow' are magazines issues, which are difficult to replace if they no longer exist in your library. What will happen while you are a prime member is that you can happily get the items until you reach the limit at which point you will be informed you need to return an item before you can get the newest prime reading item you were interested in. And they will get you to the place where you can pick among your prime reading items to do this if you want to return something.
  7. Evine is the post network sale version of ShopNBC. It was GE/NBC attempting to enter the home shopping network market to compete with QVC and HSN. And it has always been a distant third. And TE doesn't do much for me either. I just thought it was interesting they went in this direction. Admittedly they do seem to go for niche market items,. Their other celebrity chef Paula Deen has a knock off of the Puck pressure oven and a weird take off of a Bosch Universal Mixer. English has both a Phillips pasta machine knock off AND a vacuum sealing blender. So it may not be entirely out there for them to knock off the couple of countertop home steam ovens out there. OR it might be a sign that the steam oven is becoming more main stream and we might see a CSO, or a steam oven from another reputable brand, with a larger interior. Fingers crossed.
  8. Not the CSO, but another steam oven. One if the video (and if the dimensions listed for the up purchase accessory rack are correct it is slightly wider and taller than the CSO. So I was channel flipping and this was up on Evine. Todd English 1500 Watt Digital Multi Function Steam Oven One interesting thing claimed in the presentation is that the oven has a system to cool down the steam so you can put it under cabinet. I wouldn't count on that until reading the directions, but that would solve some placement problems for those with steam oven envy and no where to place it.
  9. thurbers

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    Damn, I bought Cardamom Trail when it wasn't a buck. I have to learn to wait. A couple I haven't seen mentioned are: Melissa Clark's Instant Pot cookbook at $3.99 And Melissa Gilbert's Little House memoir with recipes at $2.99 (this one in case nostalgia might strike)
  10. Just a thought, but how about making the biranyi or any other recipe, but using its failings as a point of conversation for the club. This is about cooking as well as socializing, correct? Tell others about the curry seeds and mustard leaves and what they would have brought to the dish. Ask them what they think might have been used to improve their recipes. Help newbies come up with 'variations' to their recipes that might make them even better. It might make the evening even better.
  11. thurbers

    I Bought a Tutove – Now What?

    it got me interested. Mind you, as croissants or Kouign aman are not regularly made in my kitchen I am unlikely to purchase one at this time. (And for what it is worth, the tutove pastries did look larger and fuller to me.) Thank you for having brought it up.
  12. thurbers

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    Pass? That price would have had me sprinting away in terror.
  13. thurbers

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    Don't know if this is of any interest but the kindle version of Alex Guarnaschelli's The Home Cook has been marked down to $2.99 for however long. The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart And add me to those whose ebook cook book collection is so large it would run me out of my apartment if I had the physical books. I still love a real cookbook, but I can't resist the chance to read and sample a wide variety of cook books from classics to the latest hot thing with little money and no need for shelf space.
  14. Lucky Porthos - Who has an even luckier friend. Congratulations to you both!
  15. thurbers

    Tovala Smart Oven

    Cooking Light has jumped on the marketing plan for this oven now that they have an investment deal with Tyson foods. Personally, I don't think reading labels on prepared products is that difficult that I need something with internet access setting the controls for me, not to mention that the more electronics there are in an appliance the less likely it is to survive for what I consider an acceptable length of time. http://www.cookinglight.com/syndication/tavola-oven-tyson-foods