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  1. I had 'attitude' towards those who offered not advice but judgment - as I stated. As for your tough question: why don't you just go and answer it yourself, as you seem to have already done that.... good Lord what a lovely bunch of people here...
  2. Thanks to all who have been courteous and have given advice I can actually use. Won't be recommending anyone to this site though, not exactly what I'd call welcoming... just an unreasonable amount of vitriol
  3. By all means - i am not disparaging those users who have actually taken the time to offer useful advice (which despite m lack of enthusiasm) is very much appreciated, and I thank you. What I do take issue is with people getting personal in their responses to me. May I get what I deserve? Go be a bean counter? Who are you to pass such comments when I was really just looking for some guidance? Because I don't have a great enough passion for food? Not only does that speak of the ignorance of the posters but the immaturity. But to those who responded sincerely - again - thank you very much.
  4. Pay attention to what? To change roles? And I'm not new for anything; I asked a reasonable question and received hostility because I don't have a PASSION for food.
  5. I found myself in this industry through desperation, not choice; so no I don't have a burning desire for it nor for food; if that offends you, then tough. What I do have a desire for is making something out of my life, be it counting beans or cooking them or whatever the f. else...... life doesn't always happen how you planned it. But thanks for the completely irrelevant and acerbic advice. Much appreciated.
  6. Good morning, So, I recently started a job as a kitchen manager, which is a position I've never had before nor qualified for; I find that there are a number of hiccups in the operation, as the gross profit is not what it should be, and the food costs are slightly higher than desired. Firstly: the main issue is in the cold kitchen, where the salads are costing a huge amount (basically more than the profit they're generating), how would I prevent or lessen any wastage or theft, or using too much ingredients. We have now started portioning the cheeses, meats, olives etc, but how would I control the "little stuff," e.g. cucumber, lettuce, onion? And what sort of a system can be set in place to measure stock against what is sold? Then in the dry goods - what would be the best way of controlling items out? Apart from counting tins of apple sauce or packet of sugar every morning and then recording it whenever it is issued as everything is done manually - we do not have a stock management option on our POS. Lastly, the owner has also asked me to contribute in growing the business; it's been in operation for over 30years (there's a bar as well), but I personally feel it could do with some updates, especially to the menu. But how would this be accomplished without turning away those patrons who are used to the menu? What promotions / events / special 'events' would be the easiest to implement for good profit? I realise this is a lot to ask, but I am new to this environment, so any advice here would be very much appreciated. I live in South Africa, if that is of any relevance. Thank you very much, Justine