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  1. My three button bell has a call button, a bill button and a button to cancel the previous call. If a customer presses the bill button, it cancels one trip for my staff to return with the check. It allows the server to go directly to the customer with the check saving a trip. I've ever had customers tell me how peaceful my place is compared to other cafes.
  2. I have a 3-button call button system on 9 tables in my sandwich shop. It is a bit more upscale than your average coffee/cafe so I like to keep the ambiance very quiet and low key. A lot regulars do their work here it so I used a 3 button set to minimize staff moving and walking around unless necessary.
  3. in Korea almost everyone (no matter whether it's a cafe, restaurant or shop) using a fingerprint identification. So I basically have a system where can see when all my staff came and left. And I also have a bonus-system once a month for those who's never late (like free McDonald, Starbucks or CGV coupons) and every month we are choosing the best worker (with money compensation, not large though, but at least my guys are trying to do their best). The personnel works perfectly, almost no one late, and each of them already had a free coupon. My customers are always satisfied with the service.
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