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  1. Thank you for all your help, helenjp!
  2. Helenjp, thank you for this wonderful bit of information. Finally I have a point of reference what to look for. If I may ask, would you know which countries outside Japan these are? My search returned only japanese pages. Also, would you know if this (or other, perhaps) rice polisher can also polish other grains (like wheat, rye,...)? I make my own koji for misos and would love to try growing it on other grains, but in my country millers polish only barley.
  3. I hope it's not a hassle, reviving such a old thread, but there are people here with years of experience making nukazuke. I am seeking advice for a good rice-polishing machine. I'm from Europe and it's night impossible to get rice bran in my country. I can get most other brans, but I've never had good success with them (and I believe it's always best to learn on traditional substrates and then move on to experimenting). Sourcing brown rice is rather easy so I see getting such a machine to be a good option. I would even welcome suggestions for rice-polishing machines from Japan, as I have an acquaintance who frequently visits Japan and I'm sure we could make a deal. I'd rather pay a bit extra and be sure the appliance will perform well and not die on me within months. Any tips on the subject matter will be appreciated.
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