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  1. My friend sent me some Chinese tea called Songxiang tea. Has anybody drunk this kind of tea? It's the first time I've heard of this tea.
  2. There are always mistakes or misunderstanding in our life. You will find it's just a small shadow when you overcome it. It depends on how you look at it. And I think you nephew has did a good job. Congratulations!
  3. Don't blame yourself. And trust your nephew. I believe he will be better!
  4. I have drunk many oolong tea, such as Tie Guanyin, Dahongpao and Taiwan oolong tea. But now I prefer the Wuyi Dahongpao. Umm, I think the Assam tastes too strong for me. I seldom drink the Japanese tea because most of them are green tea. But I'm going on buy some matcha online. As you said,matcha is more and more popular now, but I don't know whether blend it into leaf tip spencha teas or not. I think it a little complex.
  5. I prefer Chinese tea, especially the Chinese oolong tea!
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