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  1. Hi Everyone, Quite new in the community i am making my way through the archive of this great forum to find some interesting addresses in Japan. Every year i do a "food pilgrimage" in Japan to taste and discover amazing food and new dishes for approximately 10 days to 2 weeks. I would like to have your recommendations regarding restaurants and experiences that you would really recommend while in Japan. I know it is quite vague but i intend to travel a lot between cities so i am open to any suggestion. Price wise it is the same from the cheap to the posh. Thank you in advance for your help. LeCaptainFoodie
  2. I know it is an old post but quite curious to hear more about this foie gras Sandwich you had in Paris. You remember the name of the place ?
  3. Bienvenue ! I hope you enjoy the country side of France, Auvergne has some pretty decent food and Cheese!
  4. I personally believe the first season was the best one. I had high expectation for the third one but i have been quite disappointed to be honest.
  5. Hi Everyone, Pleased to meet you, here comes Le Captain Foodie Aka the walking belly or The Glutton. I am a French currently living in London, and blogging about Food is one of my several hobbies. I have a passion for food since i am a kid. The only thing i like more than cooking is obviously eating. I like all kind of foods whether it is Asian, African, European, American,... I have decided to join Egullet to exchange and improve my knowledge around food. I believe that, when talking about food and cuisine, there are unlimited and amazing things to discover every day. Hopefully with the help of the great information available on the forum and the people we can meet here i will be able to improve my knowledge. As Alain Ducasse said: "the more i see the less i know". Looking forward to discuss with all of you Le Captain Foodie
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