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  1. Someone asked about Les Saintes. I have stayed in Les Saintes a few times. There a number of French bistros, anyone of which will be good to very good. The night life is nonexistent. Everything is closed by 9:00. Very little English is spoken, and they don't have tourist menues. The tourists are French day trippers from Guadaloupe. It's a wonderful place to spend a very low key week, catching rays and eating your face off. The babies don't cry and the dogs don't bark.


  2. I'll second or third Dali as a great tapas restaurant. I never did like their main courses, especially the paella. There is a very nice family run Portugese restaurant called Casa Portugal just outside of, or maybe still in Inman Square.


  3. The A-1 Diner in Gardiner, ME is quite an interesting eating experience. It is a real diner, with sort of an upscale menu. You will find all the usual diner standards, but usually with a twist. The lamb burger with cilantro and goat cheese is a delicious example.


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