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  1. Every time I’ve tried to do anything I think the phyllo assumes I’m terrified and starts turning to dust. I would love a good strudel, it’s been a few years since I’ve had a good one. I hadn’t considered that, next time I’m at the busy store I’ll take a look and see what I can find. I wouldn’t mind trying a few desserts.
  2. Phyllo pastry? I’d never would have imagine it could stand up to that kind of thing. I look at phyllo wrong and it crumbles. ‘hadn’t considered fats on silicon brushes, I use a spoon for basting in an oven as I find a brush doesn’t pick up enough and it brushes off the coating. i think this might be a case where everyone has their particulars from what they have learnt and learnt to manage. I’ll find a few brushes and next time try them for oil marinades and so forth and see if I get a better result for them.
  3. I’ve never found a silicon brush I liked, marinade never sticks to it so you can’t get the damned marinade from the bowl to the cooking meat. BBQs I use a few squares of paper towel rolled up and kinda jagged like as a brush then throw it away once it’s done.
  4. Natural bristle bushes are better, mentioned above go to an art store they quality there rivals anything anywhere else and will last decades, I’ve a few over 20 years old. ‘wash them properly hot water, little soap on the palm of your hand make a cup with your hand and swirl the bristles against the palm in small circles and then rinse and let dry overnight and never put them into a dishwasher. never smells, never looses bristles, never have an issue.
  5. So I’ve managed to hold of buying the oven and I’ve been watching this thread and also looking at the issues that have cropped up. ‘’I’m still seriously considering it, but just wondering if it’s worth it? Does people find it does what it says on the tin? And does it do it well?
  6. So as it turns out it was for product sales, joule oven which appears to be a rebadged breville smart fan oven that doesn’t sous vide or do combi. kinda dislike chef steps being a product placement “thingy” as I like all their recipes and work they put into teaching.
  7. I think they are using semantics to sell an idea of lacklustre results on my wedges in an oven compared to the deep fried ones I made last week. I’ve had an “air frier” I’ll remain with traditional cooking like sous vide, gels, muddling with ph, fire and spices.
  8. Any flour paste that hasn’t yet been added to liquid will freeze well. Ive at periods of time frozen roux at different stages without issue its always before adding any liquid once that flour hydrates its no longer stable in my experience without stabilisers like xanthin gum so i tend to freeze the unthickened “broth” separately. I’ve added all kinds of spices, herbs, additives to the roux and frozen them in ice cube trays and ive not had an issue dropping a frozen cube into hot stock and using a whisk while it melts.
  9. I’ve a high powered gas wok burner outside, want a big charcoal bbq. Inside I’ve unfortunately a plain electric cook top and a portable induction cook top. Moved here from an apartment that was gas and really good gas cook too at that as well. im going to stick with gas outside and when the kitchen gets renovated it will be changed to a high powered induction cook top. For years I fell into the camp of gas but the cheap induction cooktop has converted me it’s a 100 times better then gas has ever been in the 19 or so years I’ve had it. Plus these studies are just confirming everything already known about gas cook tops they aren’t as healthy and combustion if any type shouldn’t be in a closed environment especially in places where we don’t have lots of mechanical ventilation like the USA in Australia we have doors and windows and that’s about it mostly not all kitchen hoods vent outside unfortunately. charing peppers doesn’t work as well with induction though haha
  10. It’s oxidising from the air. It’s unlikely anything you are adding unless it’s moving very high on the pH scale which is unlikely so the other culprit is air. And yes stick blenders still incorporate a fair about of air into the mix and it’s enough that the process will still take place. You can somewhat off set it by adding more acidic ingredients, buying a blender that will suck the air out of the jug, using a drinking container that isn’t clear. The oxidation is affecting the colour more then the contents.
  11. EatingBen


    Usually love Costco but right now in Australia our government has sold out and demanding everyone get sick for the economy. ANYWAY Costco (like every other grocery store) is experiencing stocking issues so they were out of lots of usual things we get as everyone rushes to purchase a life time supply of anything they find. most of the fresh meat was gone, chicken was obliterated including the pre made butter chicken . The Kirkland dishwasher tablets gone (actually most Kirkland branded cleaning products where gone), the vegetables where well hammered and lots of the dried noodle packets where gone although they hadn’t been murdered like lots of other things. they did however reconfigure the isle for toilet paper it was now 3 brands stacked as high as I am tall in some areas and about 2 wooden pallets deep. Costco prepared as best they could and remained standing during these difficult times haha it’s a shame really but we are expendable for the economy I suppose.
  12. Nothing more then a silicone spatula is needed. A whisk is for later once cooled if you need to whip it.
  13. Why would you use flaxseed oil? Or need a particular brand of dish soap? my wok is completely none stick, eggs will slide right out of the wok without a moments hesitation, it’s cleaned with whatever dish soap I have (yes, I wash my wok dish soap doesn’t remove seasoning) and a plastic scrubber then wiped with vegetable oil. before cooking I wipe it out with a tea towel. there’s a lot of crap being bandied about how to season a wok but even one that is unseasoned that you use the proper cooking techniques with will have minimal sticking issues if any at all. I do see a lot of people who proclaim to know how to use a wok setting up all kinds of silly methods to test seasoning yet use a wok like a regular skillet. A wok is not a skillet, if you want to cook in a skillet use a skillet not a wok. Otherwise learn to use the wok properly and you’ll have one of the most fantastic cooking utensils in your kitchen.
  14. Roller ones are good for tons of things, I wouldn’t give up my kitchen aid pasta attachment for anything it makes fantastic ramen noodles. Soba noodles, pasta sheets for lasagna.
  15. How can anyone come out with the statement dried pasta is best?? also, ive a coffee grinder i use 4 to 6 times a day (coffee for me and the other half) Does this person not understand how to use these tools?
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