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  1. On the recipe Chicken Nut Puffs what is “seasoned salt” exactly?
  2. Umm, titanium if you can find a pan of sufficient size. Shouldn’t present an issue for salt corrosion. Unless it’s not pure titanium.
  3. I have this problem, or I’ll flick through them and then never open them again. im trying to change that and crack open a good to browse but it’s slow going.
  4. I don’t think you will have done anything detrimental to the glaze just extended the amount of time to make it. There will likely still be a low quantity of fats emulsified into the sauce but otherwise the results are the taste, does it taste good!
  5. As AAQuesada said, piping bag but most importantly you need to do it correctly. Trying to swirl it in will result in lots of bubbles, it’s no longer ant farm but an aero bar. Put the tip of the bag in the middle of the jar, squeeze hard and fast and once about half full then start lifting the tip of the bag. The faster you can push out the pate the cleaner it will appear in the jar. It’s worth the effort but first few attempts are going to look rough as heck if you aren’t used to it. if you have big piping bags that are strong once you’ve filled them with the pat
  6. I e never put the seasoning in with the cooking water. I spray it using a sprayer while using a paddle to mix. Rinsing cleans excess starch and dust, the rice ends up shiny, nicer textured and produces a nicer bowl of rice. Japanese rice isn’t gluggy sticky, the grains will stick to one another but pull apart easily and once you add the seasoning properly the grains of rice get really shiny.
  7. It’s not difficult to make ice cream that’s better then anything store bought. Once you taste a really good chocolate flavour you suddenly realise everything else is really really dull. adding alcohol will inhibit churning so for things like alcohol soaked fruit you need to add those at the end as you remove it from the bowl to go into the freezer.commercial stuff uses flavouring to make “rum and raisin” style ice creams. ‘’otherwise go nuts, I found coconut really fun to make. I’ve also added all sorts of things. If you can flavour the base into something or cut it up into
  8. I’ve been using it for ideas since I got it. Made a few of the full dishes as well. It is a good site. If you haven’t the stock pastes work well when you are making not clear “foods” that call for stock. Making bread is awesome but watch your machine doesn’t try going for a walk.
  9. I recently purchased a thermomix and it took me 4 years to do it. as an avid cook, lover of good food and enjoy cooking everything from scratch (and sometimes compulsively EVERYTHING from scratch) it has quickly found a home in my kitchen. Is it worth the cost? For me, obviously yes. As a blender/food processor it’s brilliant and stupidly powerful it will emulsify butter back into milk to make cream. I’m still appalled at doing that but it did. It’s amazing for what it is, the fact you can put stuff into the machine set it to heat to a set temp and leave it stirring for how
  10. Loving the silpat idea. The oven has enough supports for 4 rows? Wonder if getting extra racks would be worth it, not so much for putting massive quantities away but would be cool making roll up fruit sheets
  11. Very true and you can still bag sous vide in an oven. I wouldn’t give up a water bath but want the ability to do more that don’t require some weird platform type setup to use ramekins or making egg bites in Teflon coat cups, or making just a ton of stuff where temp control and not having to resort to jars is ideal.
  12. I’ve had sous vide meats that have been sous vide in an oven before. The pork belly skin ain’t anywhere near as soaked and actually developed a crackle that was very nice, red meat was still just as juicy but the outside sear was just better from not having soaked in it’s own juices. I love sous vide, I use it all the time (almost daily) but I want more from sous vide that I can’t get from the bagged approach. I should clarify, the meat itself wasn’t better because it was sous vide in an oven over a bag, it was still as tender and delicious, the results where the same
  13. Would people who already have an APO please start using and posting more and making more YouTube videos so that I can fight harder to not buy one please! These things seem so good, I’d love to do a sous vide pork belly in one.
  14. Put the rice seasoning in a spray bottle with a fine mist and lightly mist the rice as you fold and fan. It will more evenly coat the rice and also add less seasoning. Most people are far to heavy handed with the seasoning. Also make sure the rice is well washed before cooking. you really don’t need much seasoning.
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