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  1. EatingBen

    Par cooked rice?

    Couldn't actually tell you mate I got them from a supplier in Sydney. They didn't have a brand on them but I was told they can be used in a pressure cooker and they can and it works and it's amazing but I don't know the name of them.
  2. EatingBen

    Par cooked rice?

    my understanding is the shelved precooked rice is packaged and steam cooked a few minutes shy but at high enough temps to pasturise the contents. Those sorts of things are difficult to accomplish in the home environment we don't have the machinery or the lab testing to ensure safety. You could use sous vide, a vacuum chamber sealer to accomplish it in a more domestic settings (or commercial kitchen) and use bags that tolerate higher temps. I have bags that can handle a pressure cooker temperature but they are expensive. For something like that, it might be worth contacting a food tech company that does these kinds of things professionally.
  3. Depending on how hard you use them the tin lining should last many years mine goes 5 years before needing to be refined and it was well used. It’s now packed away and rarely bothered with. While a gorgeous frying pan it is no longer suitable for the cooking I do nor do I have the interest in the effort in care. They are gorgeous pans and a pleasure to cook in, they bring nostalgia and joy when cooking with it that few pieces of kitchen cookware do and they absolutely get the “classy” oohs when a copper pan arrives at the table with a butterflied chicken or a dessert or some other simple food that looks extravagant in a copper pan. If this is something you have coveted for some time, buy a few pieces, a frying pan of 1 or 2 sizes (1 pan enough to cook a meal for two and the other for 4 people) and perhaps a pot or i’d Personally go for a braiser which is wide and good for reducing. If you really have the money guy everything and show it off in your kitchen and it’ll make you smile for decades! Use it on gas, it goes pan, fat, meat, heat and in that order you don’t preheat copper you either immediately cook in it or you’ve fu**ed your pan.
  4. I tried one and yeah na, I like my mash a little rougher and a lot faster. A really strong masher will do it in only a few minutes then you gently mix in the butter milk and salt all while it’s still hot and clean up is faster. Having said that, I’m all for toys if you think it’ll be the bomb in your kitchen have at it. I had a Breville one, I’d imagine most decent brands are going to serve you well. If I want smooth I retrograde my potato’s Sous Vide and put them through the food mixer (and not the food processor)
  5. Have you posted photos by any chance?
  6. Water, a modified starch (ultratex 4 makes a light pourable gel) or gelatin. only thing is shelf stability
  7. That's a shame! I wish I could have a bit more freedom to change my kitchen how I'd like.
  8. Without doubt the best kitchen I've laid eyes on in this thread. So many others look wonderful and I've no doubt they bring lots of joy but this one is perfect. It looks like a kitchen that is a pleasure to work in, everything to hand, everything easily in reach and easily returned to it's home. I love a comfortable kitchen, it inspires me to cook more! I wish I could do more with my current kitchen but I'm held back by not owning it myself otherwise mine would look similar to yours
  9. I do 60 for about 48 hours for a large cut. Not done 55 before though. I'd be interested to know what Douglas Baldwin mentioned though?
  10. Sous Side is precision cooking, not necessarily "low temperature" I hate slow cookers, all of them. Everyone has their own idea of the right temp and everyone I've used requires massive portions and those that are smaller end up being so hot they are useless. With sous vide I can do slow cooking at the temp I want in a bag and have my own temperature that I choose and know is safe as well. I think Sous Vide is a tool like any other, Why limit myself to just a stove top or an oven for a certain style of cooking that would require me to be present and active during the cooking. I can throw it all into a bag and seal then come back when ever I'm meant to or later and it'll still be good. Trying doing that on a stove top or oven. Don't get me wrong, I love making long slow braised legs of meat in the oven and doing the whole roasted vegetables and making gravy and everything else that goes with making a meal of that nature but it's not something I long to do on weekends very often and never for just myself. Sous Vide is just a vessel of water, heated with precision and the person is left to their own devices to figure out how to do whatever they want to do. So I use it.
  11. Going backwards a bit from your reply. I've found browning before to be problematic especially with Australian lamb, depending on where you get it you get different types and ages. I had assumed the lamb I had gotten was older and tougher, but it wasn't. I tried cooking a new portion at the same temp but for only 6 hours and it had the texture I wanted, it was much less dry and much closer to what I was wanting. When I say dry as well I do not mean that clawing unpalatable dryness that is common with overcooked meat more I missed the mark with time and temp in sous vide and the average person would think that meat was excellent but I would consider it sub par to what I'm used too. I will however give a lower temp a go, for lamb I love the braised texture especially in stews and pies so I'll keep trying for that but the lamb is younger then I wanted so it hopefully will work and I have a lot of it in my freezer. Overall I'm happy with a but, so I'll keep working on that!
  12. So this worked well. Actually surprisingly well for a first attempt. Things that went well, the spices which where fried off in a pan first was absolutely spot on and had a fantastic balance, The almonds end up fantastically but are nicely poached with a nice soft crunch. The lamb had the perfect texture which is exactly what I wanted, same with the carrots and onions. Things that didn’t go as planned. The lamb was a little dry, next time I’ll cook for less time. Needed more liquids, more chicken stock for next time. The potatoes are texturally ruining the dish so I’m picking them out they weren’t cooked enough next time I’ll either leave them out or get them nicely cooked. Needed more sweetness more dates next time. Since there is about 6 meals the first time I had it as it, the second time I added more stock and removed the potatoes. Adding stock reduced the thickness of the sauce but I’ll add ultra tex 4 to hopefully give it more mouth coating without affecting the flavours too much. All in all this is a success that I’m going to build on.
  13. Years ago I picked up a tip to fry spices in a fry pan with some oil before using them in anything like slow cooker, or for long slow cooks makes the spices taste better and gives the chance for the flavours to combine a bit. For Sous Vide I rarely ever use anything more then salt and occasionally BBQ sauce for pork and chicken. So we will see how it turns out, I fried the spices first before adding it and they smelt amazing but I don’t know if I used to much or not enough. I am looking forward to tomorrow nights dinner though and already have the cous cous planned
  14. I’ll have a detailed answer for you tomorrow night, its in the fridge chilling but I can’t try it today because I’ve a wedding to go too. It looks appropriate to tagine I’ve had in the past the lamb feels tender when pressed and I’m hoping it’s taken on a lovely braised texture. The vegetables aren’t mushy which I was concerned about and there is some liquid in the bag but not large amounts of it. I am quietly excited about it but I know full well it could end up being a disaster!
  15. Fully covered cambro container except where the poly science water circulator cutout is but I’ve done three day cooks and haven’t had to top it up.
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