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  1. Hi there, I saw everything you said about chocolate in Ecuador and it seems really interesting. I'm actually crossing the country to find cacao plantations and learn more about this process, I would love to meet chocolatiers and farmers to exchange what we know. I'm planning to go at the Hacienda El Castillo farm, somebody knows the price of the tour? Would you have some advice for me? thank you a lot, Loubna
  2. Tank you for Your answer, I've looked on a few website like this and send some messages but most part of time they answer me that they are full at the moment. And the thing is that I would like something more personal I will keep sending messages, thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a little pastry chief in France, still learning and really passionate. It's been five months that I did'nt studiy or practise and I miss that so much. I never stop talking about this. I decided to travel in south america to learn everything I can. I'm actually in Central Colombia, and I will travel to Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia and maybe a little bit more if I want to. I have time until march, more or less. My project is to go in the farms and meet the people who grow up the raw material I use for make my pastries, Talk to them and see the plantation would be really helpfull for me to understand how does it works. If people need, I'm volunteer for work in exchange with accomodation and food for a few days. My spanish is not good yet, but I'm learning and sometimes it's more funny to not speak the same language. I'm interested about everything, exotic fruits, citrus, coffee, cacao, sesame, pepper, spices... If some of you is, knows or works with farmers or pastry chiefs in those countries, I would be glad to meet you/them and learn everthing about the work. We can exchange good recipe too. Thank you very much, Loubna
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