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  1. Catherine T

    Catherine T

    Hi folks, Well, yesterday I tried my experiment with bread made from non GMO Italian flour. Unfortunately I was sick all afternoon after eating 2 slices of the bread. So it remains a mystery why I could eat Spanish and Russian bread and pasta while I was in Europe but can't handle Italian flour. I can find no research on Celiac Disease or flour varieties that would enlighten me. So I am back to a gluten-free diet and trying to recreate my favorite childhood recipes using non-gluten ingredients, which I am managing to do with some success. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  2. Catherine T

    Catherine T

    Hi, I have just discovered and registered on this site. My main cooking and baking concern is that I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and haven't been able to eat gluten. BUT I have discovered an exception. When I have visited Continental Europe such as Spain and Russia, I have been able to eat their bread and have had no negative repercussions. Then when I try eating bread in Great Britain and North America I have become sick. My research on the Web has not provided any explanations although I believe the EU has banned GMO grains. I was recently gifted panetonne from a Toronto restaurant called Sud Forno that uses Italian flour and I was able to safely eat it. Another bakery called Forno Cultura advertises that it uses European flour. So I am going to approach them to see if I can buy their flour in bulk. I will let you know how it goes.