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  1. Went back to Globe on St. Laurent last week for the 1st time in a long time.... Not since the unfortunate death of one of the chefs. I see Sacha Lima heads up the kitchen now and I remember him from back when Fred Morin was still in charge. Menu was familiar and I was hopeful. The biggest change I noticed is portion size... The nice roasted chicken breast went from a great meal with excellent sides, to a small little pathetic chicken, two carrot sticks and what probably was one mashed potato. What was once 5 scallops is down to 3. Even the bread portions seemed to have been managed by the waitstaff serving no more than 1 piece per person at the table. I left hungry and left I overpaid for what was served. Anyone else experience this or was it a one bad night? I would not return based on my experiences, but I am hopeful that others still enjoy The Globe.
  2. Oyster Guy, why don't you tell us a little bit about your chef and resto... There are many places to choose from on the Festival this year. A little guidence is helpful to narrow down our choices.
  3. ABG

    Best List

    Where is O Chalet? I thought I was up to date, but never even heard of this one.
  4. ABG

    Joe Beef

    Mainly french wines? Would you be able to define cheap a little better..... ?
  5. Dave... come back to egullet and update us!
  6. Thank you for your smart ass response.... but the thread is about Version Laurent Godbout not Chez L'epicier. I am wondering where chef Godbout is spending his time or if he is spliting it between the two places. Lesley or Carswell? Any info?
  7. What happened to Chez L'Epicier? Is it still around? New chef? Is there a website yet?
  8. The May issue of Conde Nast traveller states that the bar at Hotel Godin is one of the world's hottest new bars. Makes me think all these world's best lists are just full of it. Still the rooms in the main hotel section are nice if you like that stark decor. Request one with a seperate bath and shower with a western view if possible.
  9. The laws and the norms are two different things I suppose....
  10. A weekend drink at the bar at Globe was forbidden without a food order.
  11. I believe that rumour was confirmed last night at the press conference. Either way, Kerry Simon was at the party. Great party
  12. Just a hunch, but maybe your "cheeky" attitude had something to do with the way your were handled on the phone. Also, since he did "accomdate you" as I suppose you weren't a table for two, Zach probably was just trying to ensure that you didn't arrive at lets say 7:30 with 2 other large groups thus creativing a backlog in the kitchen thus causing your above long wait between courses complaints. ABG PS: Zach has always done a super job with the resos. I still owe him one from Valentine's Day 2004.
  13. When is the wedding? What season? That might help in nailing down a place.... I''ve done many a party at Bice and Tony is always great, just get a contract as to what is included and not included to avoid any surprises. A ceremony on the terrasse would be lovely. $12,000 honeymoon sounds perfect to me.... PM me for ideas! Its my favorite thing to plan next to a party.
  14. To be fair, I found the jist of her posts on both Anise and Christophe to relate more to the financial value. Anise is expensive and this lady, an American tourist no less, found she got poor value for the price paid. Is she right? Its up to each individual egulleter to decide. This probably explains why she loved Brunoise so much, fantastic food for an excellent value. I'm afraid you might have scared her away Carswell so this debate might end here. Maybe she got her facts wrong and maybe she doesn't know a Beaujolais from a Chateaux Margaux. Not everyone, including myself, is a master of food and wine. If fact, I would venture to say that this would be true for the majority of the population and hence, dare I say, the majority of clients who frequent restos. I agree that some of her language and contentions (day old bread) is probably off, but I take it with a grain of salt. Even the top tables have off days. Even Lesley gets it wrong sometimes! :) I was reading the Voir write up on Europea and someone commented that the $60.00 tasting menu which the writer describes as "an excellent value" is the food budget for many families. When restos get such hype and the bills for 2 get well over $100.00 per person expectations generally get let down. I would sympathise with them if they felt "cheated" to a point, especially if the meal was "the one big dinner out of the year". I hope more people post their personal experiences at different tables around the city, its been very slow at work lately and I love the distractions!
  15. I'll second the Globe Tartare... and keeping it all in the family, vote for Rosalie fries, especially when ordering the hanger steak and spinach.
  16. Can anyone tell me what might be on deck for this Thursday?
  17. Was it open to the public or was it a members only event?
  18. Quoted from the New MTL Resto Thread - Identifier I do however understand where you are coming from, most SAQ CEO's have had a good handle on marketing (if you like the smart approach of doing money hungry moves like dep wines for no real long term vision), yet a very poor one on management. You do have a point on the overall face lift of the last ten years, anything under that type of achievement would have been criminal in my books. That's the original point. The SAQ is much more customer friendly: later hours, telephone support, knowledgable staff, stores like the one in Rockland and hence, who really has to settle for dep wine anyways? If you want quality product, it is available. Is that marketing or management? Its a mix of both I guess. Yes, Dave, I like the LCBO too. So many new world wines we don't have here. I still think the SAQ has fostered to a degree the changing paletes of Quebecers. Port, for example, is much more popular here than the rest of Canada. Lots of people read those little flyers that the SAQ puts out monthly with the Gazette and use them as a guidebook for what to try and sample and explore. At least I do.
  19. Okay, so like most companies, the guys at the top are on the take. I'll grant you that because you seem to have done a lot of research. But, honestly, the SAQ isn't what it was in the 80's and I don't believe they are running around blindfolded. Revenues are way up and our thirst for quality products and new products grows. Where was Porto in Quebec 10 years ago? Now that SAQ at my country home has 2 walls devoted to different Ports. Look at SAQ branches like the one at Rockland shopping center. It is almost fun just to walk around the store. Sure, they set the rules, but they have raised the bar too.
  20. I'll say this about the SAQ, they are actually running it as a business with the customer in mind. The branch in my neighbourhood is open until 7pm Mon - Wed and Sat, 9pm Thurs - Friday. The manager is open to ordering different types of products and does a great job running the store. The convenience of the dep is drastically lowered when the local SAQs are open at the hours that the customers want them to be open. Didn't they all close at 5pm sharp back in the day? And try calling the customer service line, 514-873-2020! What a pleasure to talk to these people. In January I had a dinner party to goto and I told the host I'd bring some Liberty School with me. Of course, I forgot and the lady at the SAQ directed me to an open branch at 6pm on a Sat night and called ahead to make sure they had the product in stock. The point is, with service like that and with what the Gazzou said in the beginning of the piece about better quality and selection at SAQ, I couldn't find an excuse to shop for vino at a Boni Soir. I would rather read a piece about the best SAQ branches and staff. Is the dep wine the same as what is sold at Loblaws etc?
  21. Keller's French Laundry does the numbers it does not from the local population of Yountville, but from tourists into Napa valley. It remains the premier dining choice in the region and requires a 3 month advance reservation. While no one in Montreal needs 3 months advance for a table for 2, I am sure some of the larger restos and the glam ones on the strip are doing multi million dollar sales of F+B.
  22. B&M that closed down on Monkland due to high rents is back in biz on Somerled and Grand as of a few weeks ago. Service is slow to date, but I am sure it will pick up.
  23. Sofitel Bercy is wonderful. Its a little gem that has a warm feel.
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