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  1. ok everyone i just want to say thanks for all the feed back its awsome. i guess ill take some time to introduce myself and my cooking beliefs before i continue to modify my recipe. Names luke ( and no its not short for lucas), im 25 and have been in the culinary bussiness for 3 years. My love for food came from a home where food was always the main event at holidays or family gatherings. my mom is sicilian and a wonderful cook who i am in constant competition to be better than, though in baking she has me beat by a mile and always will. Any talent i have i probably owe to her. My culinary career started 3 years ago when i started the culinary program at Le Cordon Bleu- dover nh. Myfirst job was half way thourgh the school year at a country club, where i think i learned more then i learned at school ( it was real life situation learning- like what to do when u spilt 3 gallons of clam chowder when are suppose to serve it in three hours.) My second job was at a breakfast joint where we would have an hour waiting line all morning . This job taught me speed and cordanation. It also taught me that i didnt have to be making 20-30$ plates to be happy cooking. It was the quality of the food and making the custermer happy by giving him something cooked to perfection wether it was eggs or a fillet. My third job was a step up to fine dinning at a fish cafe in portsmouth nh. this job broadend my horizon with- sauces, presentation, preping, cooking actual products, and of course speed- i was named the weed master for a while .Unfortanately my wife got accepted to Indiana state univ. for grad school so i found myself moving out to terre haute in. Let me tell u fine dining does not exist out here and that is where this recipe comes in. I am now working at frogs bistro which i would describe as an american family dining restraunt. The only good thing i can say about working here is that im in charge of daily special, which gives me a chance to up the ante on the food. I basicly have a free range as long as i watch the food cost. What i try to do with my specials is give the dinner a chance to experience something that he or she has not had a chance to experience- something that is visually exciting and that also excites the palate. Do i create all my specials no i search the web and magizines and spend hours in book stores. Some recipies i follow to a tee but some i twist or change(like this creation, or the time i made tornado rossini and not being able to aford the foi gras or truffles served it with a duck moussiline and portabella mushrooms) So am i a food authorithy, hell no just a young guy having fun cooking. this little recipe progect is turning out to be quite a learning project thanks everyone!!!! Now Thomas Keller he is a food god!!!!
  2. suzanne thanks for all the good advice-I've made a bunch of changes could u check them out
  3. Here is a recipe for baked sea bass with proscuttio and apples and a honey wine glaze. i would like some comments on this recipe - like how i could make it better and maybe some presentation ideas and what i could serve with it - thanks for any and all of your comments good or bad
  4. Baked Sea Bass with Prosciutto, Apples and a Honey Wine Glaze Serves 4 as Main Dish. This is something i came up with when i went in to work one afternoon. I needed to make a special up really fast and there were some left over apples that needed using. I guess u could call this my take of the classic dish monkfish with proscuttio. One thing i would like you to remember with this recipe is that food is an art and recipies are only guidlines do not be afraid to break their barriers. This recipe plays off the opposing flavors of the proscuttio against the sweetness of the apple.Do not be afraid to substitute ingredients or change methods to make a dish that is truely yours. I am a new chef or should say trying hard to become a chef and would greatly appreciate if u would be critic of this recipe. 4 oz seabass or halibut 4 oz prosciutto sliced paper thin 1 sweet apple,sliced into thin wedges ie.mcintosh, gala, cortland 1/4 c fruity red wine- ie. 1/8 c honey salt and pepper 2 T fine herb mixture optional 3 T oil for cooking ie. canola or olive oil mixture PREP FISH- -butcher fish into 9 oz portions ( I would recomend removing skin and using the non-skin side as your presentation side) -season fish with salt and pepper( in the restaurant i also like to season my fish with a fresh herb mixture of, which gives the fish a little extra flavor and some color. fine herb recipe - parsley 2 tbsp - tarragon 1 tbsp - dill 1 tbsp - chives 1 tbsp - chop all herbs very fine and mix together PREP APPLE -slice the flesh of the apple off the core and slice in to 1/8-1/4 in. wedges ( you want to end up with apple slices that you can stack into a fan shape on top of the fish so keep them thin( -place apples in acidic water-this will keep them from browning untill further use ( acidic water- 1 c. water 1 tbsp lemon juice) PREP PROSCUTTIO -slice four slices of proscuttio paper thin -cut slices in half length wise( in general proscuttio comes about 2-3 inches wide and what Im looking in this recipe is a strip about 6 in. long and 1 in. wide so it will look like a bow around the fish and apples PREP GLAZE -mix honey and wine together untill honey is all incorparated- pinot noir or merlot are good wines to use( the reason I added the glaze to this recipe was that i was afraid the apples and proscuttio would dry out to much in the high heat of the oven, and it seemed to work. I did not cook the glaze down in this recipe, because i started a half an hour before service and was restrained on the time i could put into it. So i will definately be experimenting with cooking the glaze or not COOKING METHOD -heat oven to 400 degrees -heat large saute pan with 3 tbsp of oil till almost smoking -pan sear off presentation side until golden brown -remove from pan and place on baking sheet presentation side up -place apples on top of fish in a fanned pattern -wrap fish and apples with slice of proscuttio - proscuttio should be narrow enogh so that apples show -baste fish and bake for 5-7 minutes ( basting a couple of times in oven) Keywords: Main Dish, Fish, Seafood, Easy ( RG425 )
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