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  1. So my journey into enjoying cocktails began with the Manhattan. But it took a serious turn last year when my wife and I stepped into Trader Sam's at Disneyland. It was love at first experience and bam! I just had to learn how to make those amazing tiki drinks. Poof, my liquor cabinet has like fifteen bottles of rum in it, and before I knew it, I'm just loving Kevin Upthegrove's 5 minutes of rum podcast:




    He introduced me to rum tasting, but the other day, after doing a comparison of Appleton 12 year, their reserve blend, and their signature blend, I realized I really probably don't know what I'm doing. I kept gravitating towards the cheaper spirits and wondered if the more expensive rum was too subtle for my palate.


    So I thought this might be a good question for the forum. Do any of you have any advice for someone who is new to tasting on how they can develop this aspect of their enjoyment of a spirit?

  2. So, recently some amazing mixologists opened up a tiki bar here in Phoenix. First of all, WOW! The place is awesome, particularly when the best we could do locally was staffed by bar tenders that didn't know what demerara rum is.


    Not the case at:http://www.undertowphx.com/

    My question to the forum is, their menu is a GREAT mix of classic and modern recipes. My wife and I want to try and recreate a couple of their modern recipes. Here they are:

    Heart of a Sailor... $ 13 A passionate blend of Macadamia Nut infused Overproof Jamaican Rum, Aged Demerara Rum, Creole Shrub, Peach, Amontillado Sherry, Passion Fruit Bitters and grapefruit Oils.


    Stirred Bird... $ 13 Take flight with this jungle bird inspired cocktail that combines a blend of Dark Rums, Pineapple Rum, Aperitivo* Aperitif Aperitifs Operative , Pineapple & Lime Oils.

    We have found both of these drinks to have both the qualities of a whiskey drink like a Manhattan-a sipper with one large ice cube, but with the rum/tiki qualities that we all know and love.

    Do any of you have any suggestions on how to approach trying to replicate these? I imagine one ounce base, 3/4 ounce other rums/shrub, 3/4 ounce etc... and splash of the other ingredients? Does that make sense?

    FWIW if you are anywhere within driving distance of this bar, check it out. It is an amazing place. They have taken an old Jiffy Lube and converted it into a coffee/bar/restaurant and then used the under ground area to make a tiki bar/like the hold of a ship. Now the space is AMAZING, but the drinks are even better. I'm sure they will get a following and you will hear more, but in short, if you are close by, check it out.

    Be advised, they are new and in high demand, so you need to make reservations. Text them with your request Monday morning-to get your slot. Or you may not get in. 


  3. A new bar opened recently in Phoenix, and it is AMAZING! While it is small, the theming is beautiful and very well done, giving you the feeling you are in the hold of a ship. And the drinks are AWESOME! They do a wonderful mix of classic recipes and their own concoctions. My wife and I had a total of five different drinks and we loved each one. If you can make it to Phoenix, you will definitely want to visit. Be advised at this time, it is very popular, and you will want to make a reservation.


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  4. Thanks to all for your comments! It was enjoyable exploring other content! I find at my level-a novice cocktail enthusiast who has fallen in love with tiki culture, that I gravitate back to Kevin Upthegrove's podcast. Hopefully more artists will share their knowledge so that we all can enjoy cocktails more.

  5. So do any of you have any favorite cocktail podcasts? I have really enjoyed Kevin Upthegrove's Five Minutes of Rum:




    Of course I've learned a lot about rum, but I've also learned a lot about tasting and making cocktails. I really like his format also, the way he starts out talking about a brand, gives a lot of background about how it is made, and then he ends with discussing how to make a cocktail (end even some of the ingredients).


    I've listened to two other podcasts, but they have seemed to be more about how to be a bartender/work in the business. Do any of you have others that you enjoy?

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  6. On 3/7/2016 at 1:21 PM, Katie Meadow said:

    Making your own ingredients, whether for alcoholic drinks or any foods or sauces, really depends upon the availability of time, dissatisfaction with or difficulty of obtaining commercial products, price differential, and fun. 


    Two of the "from scratch" cocktail ingredients I find pleasurable to make and worth the time are flavored simple syrups and homemade shrubs. You can't beat shrubs you make from high quality fresh fruit when available. Both have uses in non-alcoholic drinks as well. Lavender simple syrup is a great addition to fresh lemonade and for baking. I've used flavored simple syrups and shrubs as additions to home-made applesauce and rhubarb.


    As for infusing tobacco, peyote or lamb chops in alcohol, I can't think of a more unappealing way to poison yourself. I know people do make bacon infused drinks, but you can also use smoky tea and it's far easier to make a cuppa than smoke a pig. If I went to the effort of making my own bacon (not gonna, but admire others who do) dropping it in a glass of vodka would be at the bottom of a long list of fun ways to eat consume it.

    I must admit I don't know what a shrub is. I don't think I've had a cocktail with one either. What is a shrub?

  7. 5 minutes ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    Not sure what you mean by "used an extract-way too spicy!"


    Here is how I've been making my tincture of cinnamon for years  --  save that I use Wray & Nephew as the solvent rather than cognac.  (Just topped up the jar last week.)  The other listed recipes I have not tried, though they look like they would work quite well.




    Cinnamon syrup. I am trying to make the Zombie and the syrup I've come up with is too strong/hot/spicy!

  8. So I am new to making cocktails (and generally new to appreciating culinary arts in general) and am just beginning to experience "really good" cocktails. Of course, I want to make my own at home, but am having some difficulty. With some cooking experience, I understand you can have a much better experience when you make something from scratch with fresh ingredients. As such, I am wondering where would be a good place to start with regards to making your own cocktail ingredients. E.g. grenadine, cinnamon syrup, etc... Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated. TIA:D

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